Neustar Pure Consumer


Enhance Your Direct Marketing Files

Confidence in publicly available data is quickly decreasing. Consumers listed in Directory Assistance (DA) and White Page directories are quickly shrinking due to the emergence of new phone service providers, alternative landlines and wireless technologies. More frequently, their information is becoming less comprehensive — missing address information and containing outdated information — and increasingly unavailable. Dependence on these data sources alone to fuel marketing campaigns can cause excessive resource drain and budget wastage.

The Premier Alternative

Now you can confidently launch direct marketing efforts and maintain a stable CRM database using Neustar Pure Consumer solutions. They are on-premise files that offer over 120 million records with the most accurate and complete name, address and phone information available. Every record contains a DPV mail deliverable address and current resident name, ensuring precise results.

Pure Consumer is built on Neustar’s unique market-proven, consumer insights engine IANSM, which stands for Identifiers, Attributes and Network. You gain access to IAN’s unique Identifier layer, including name, addresses and phone information. It is based on over 240 data sources including nationwide telecommunications service providers, so you get consumer data straight from the source.

Data-Fueled Marketing Efforts

Neustar raises the consumer data bar. We have proprietary partnerships with hundreds of data sources that report data numerous times daily. This means we also update our data several times each day. The result, you receive the most comprehensive, freshest consumer information that is complied, verified and enhanced, saving you time and money.

As a household-level file, Pure Consumer can associate up to seven household members and phone numbers associated to a single US household record. At least two sources contribute to and help verify each record in the file providing you with maximum coverage and accuracy.

Maintain Currency, Improve Coverage, Maximize Response

Pure Consumer on-premise files were built with different companies and their various marketing needs in mind.

Pure Consumer Premium delivers the maximum household coverage for direct marketing and base-file compilations with additional data sources to identify and verify nonpublic consumers. You access verified, consumer records that other data providers just cannot provide.

With Pure Consumer Pro, you receive verified, enhanced contact information that is no longer available in traditional publicly available phone listings, for example DA. Last, Pure Consumer Basic is for companies needing data derived from traditional directory listings that is verified and enhanced with improved information and deliverable addresses.

  • Pure Consumer Premium
    • Application - For data compilers looking for the maximum household coverage
    • Benefits - Verified consumer records, traditionally not publicly available
    • Coverage - Over 65% more households than Pure Consumer Basic with 120 million contacts
  • Pure Consumer Pro
    • Application - For companies looking to launch national direct marketing efforts with more comprehensive household coverage
    • Benefits - Verified consumer records with phone numbers that may not be in traditional public phone listings
    • Coverage - Over 15% more households than Pure Consumer Basic with 88 million contacts
  • Pure Consumer Basic
    • Application - For companies looking for a Directory Assistance alternative with enhanced quality
    • Benefits - Verified consumer records with enhanced secondary information
    • Coverage - Over 40% of listings contain enhanced names or addresses with 75 million contacts

Whether you want to improve your direct marketing efforts for less, effectively maintain your CRM database or add intelligence for a more advanced campaign, Pure Consumer files have the coverage to suit any size campaign. Our unique sources and hard-to-find data guarantee there is no better source for your on-site files.

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