Neustar Pure Business


Expand Your Business Reach with Hard-to-Find Data

Acquiring new business prospects is a challenge, particularly if you don’t have the right data. Finding the best prospects with the right contact information is vital to your success. Relying solely on data sources, such as Directory Assistance and Yellow Pages Directories, can do more harm than good — wasting precious time on leads with an incorrect name, phone number or address information, causing you to miss out on high quality prospects.

The Superior Solution

Neustar Pure Business is your data alternative. With Pure Business, you get access to hard-to-find, highly accurate name, address and phone information on the businesses that you need to reach. With this information at your fingertips, you can confidently launch direct marketing efforts and improve your CRM database.

Pure Business is an on-premise file that builds upon national coverage of all White Pages and Yellow Pages directories — including unique Yellow Pages information such as heading, ad spend, business specialties and contact name. The data is compiled, verified and enhanced into a single file saving you time and resources.

A Robust Data Foundation

Pure Business leverages Neustar’s unique market-proven, consumer and business insight engine IANSM, which stands for Identifiers, Attributes and Network. IAN’s business Identifier layer is built on over 240 sources including data directly from nationwide telecommunications service providers. This gives you access to over 13 million verified, multi-sourced business records with precise and accurate contact information that you cannot get anywhere else.

The key Identifiers are linked to unique business Attributes such as employee counts, years in business, annual sales and other optional firmographic data, so you increase your chances of reaching and converting new business customer. Each record is categorized by up to four Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes and North American Industrial Classification System Codes (NAICS).

Do You Really Know Who Your Leads Are?

Our business data includes unique features to ensure the highest quality data with maximum flexibility to meet your marketing needs. We put you in the driver seat giving you the ultimate selection control and empower you to conduct a deeper analysis of your leads than any other national business database.

Pure Business includes the following unique features:

  • Deliverability Flag — Our business leads are validated on a monthly basis to ensure deliverability. Records with missing address elements are identified and flagged as non-deliverable.
  • Connectivity Flag — With monthly validation of our business leads, we’re able to identify records with a disconnected phone, and flag them as invalid.
  • Rooftop Latitude/Longitude — To enable mapping tools and give you better list selection control, we include a rooftop-level latitude and longitude.
  • Geographical Coding — For closer definition of territories and distribution areas, we offer geo-coding elements including Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), Census Tract and Block Group.
  • Chain ID — Business chains and franchises are identified with a unique numeric identifier across multiple locations, providing better coverage and easier identification of large groups of businesses.

Imagine What You Could Do with Enhanced Business Data

Whether you want to improve your direct marketing efforts for less, or effectively improve and maintain your CRM database, Pure Business files have the coverage to suit any size campaign. Our unique sources and hard-to find data is your source for accurate, complete on-site files.

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