Professional Services Overview

Get the Technical Expertise You Need to Optimize Operations Without Adding Headcount


You are always looking for ways to improve operations by reducing costs and increasing margins. Managing human resources lowers your overhead, while accelerating order completion leads to earlier revenue recognition. You automate whenever and wherever possible to increase speed and accuracy, but the mandates for better performance often outpace your staffing levels and in-house expertise.

Bringing the right talent to work on your challenges at the right time can make the difference between success and failure. This is where Neustar Professional Services comes in.


  1. Increase efficiency and reduce costs
  2. Ensure maximum performance of mission-critical operations
  3. Audit, assess and analyze processes
  4. Deploy and integrate with minimal disruption

Advisory and Implementation Services

Neustar professionals have the institutional knowledge and state of the art skills to help you meet your organization’s objectives. We assist communications service providers (CSPs) in all areas of system operations and provide guidance to adopt industry best-practices.

Our subject matter experts have an average of 20 years of telecom IT experience and eight years with Neustar, working on virtually any platform. We work with CSPs of all sizes to ensure that mission-critical operations – the workflow, systems and people – perform at maximum efficiency.

You have the flexibility to engage us for short or long-term projects, based on your needs, to drive the full utilization of the capabilities of your platform, applications and solutions. Our goal is to help you achieve success and help ensure maximum return on your technology investments.

Lifecycle Coverage

Your operations are in constant motion; what applied yesterday may not be sufficient to address today’s or tomorrow’s realities. We provide services that cover the full lifecycle of your initiatives, helping you every step of the way to meet your specific needs and ensure your success.

Our teams provide expert advice and assistance throughout the lifecycle of your operations, from assessment and design to deployment, support and training.

Assess & Advise – We use your actual data to analyze and assess your performance in your environment to provide you real-world (not cookie-cutter) advice, recommendations and strategies.

Plan & Design – Based on your objectives, operations and data, we plan and design solutions that meet your goals and fit your operations.

Build & Implement – We build and test solutions around Neustar’s core products, based on your specific requirements, to mitigate the risks of deployments, integrations and migrations. Our project management experts ensure implementations are completed on time and within budget.

Optimize – We provide ongoing assessment of your data and perform comprehensive studies to identify areas that can be improved with strategies and recommendations for prioritization.

Support & Train – We are available to support and train your teams in using the full capabilities of the Neustar platform and applications, and your solutions built around these, so you achieve the best results and the maximum return on your investment.

Our Offerings

Business Analytics & Performance Audits

Identify and address potential problem areas with services that include data audits, migration planning, transaction performance and transaction volume analysis and user efficiency analysis.

Data Audits

Better data leads to better decision making. We pinpoint data issues and identify data discrepancies between various systems and processes so you reduce order fallout and increase order completion rates.

Directory Listing Audits

Manage the accuracy of your directory listings to provide an accurate accounting of the telephone numbers active in your network. We verify numbers for which you should be billed, and identify cases where you are being over-billed for numbers no longer in service.

Priority Assessment

Proactively evaluate practices and processes to improve revenue recovery by identifying at-risk revenue streams. We help you prioritize problem resolution, create mitigation plans and measure their effectiveness.

Test Support Services

Mitigate the risks of deploying or upgrading software with better real-world testing that emulates your production environment for reliable testing that minimizes disruption.

Consulting Services

Our flexible, project-based experts can augment your staff with the technical resources and expertise you need without adding headcount.

Upgrade Support Services

When it comes time to upgrade your systems, we provide upgrade impact analysis, integration planning, project management, data migration, post-upgrade validation testing and monitoring through initial introduction to production.


Help your staff achieve the best performance results with training. We guide your teams in using the full capabilities of the Neustar platform, applications, and your existing solutions so you achieve the best results and the maximum return on your investment.

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