Neustar Professional Services

The expertise to protect your online presence.


We Offer:

  • Top-notch engineering expertise
  • Team of experts with an average of 16 years of industry experience
  • “If you have It — We have seen it”
  • Consultative and neutral approach

If your IT department is strapped for time, budget or specialized expertise, Neustar’s highly experienced professional services team is here to help you understand and meet your toughest challenges.

Today, your business’ success depends on a reliable and secure web infrastructure. You can’t afford security gaps, downtime or slow speeds. At the same time, you may not have the budget for full-time staff who are knowledgeable in current DNS management, DDoS protection or application performance. If that’s the case, our professional services team is the answer.

As our client, you’ll have direct access to a lead engineer as your primary point of contact. He or she is backed by a team of problem-solvers with an average of 16 years of industry experience and four years of Neustar tenure. Each expert is a seasoned and skilled practitioner of the Neustar Lifecycle Services framework:

Professional Services Overview

Assess and Advise: Determine the best approach for the solutions you use. Whether evaluating your current infrastructure or website, our engineers will give you a neutral opinion and assessment.

Plan and Design: Ensure the design of your solutions meet your unique technical needs and broader business objectives.

Implement and Build: Our team can work with you to build and implement custom solutions, or simply ensure you get deployed on or migrated to our services and platforms in the best way possible, taking into consideration your business needs, resources and goals.

Optimize: Our team can evaluate your current solutions and configurations to ensure the best performance and return on investment.

Support: Get additional support from a dedicated technical account manager (TAM) or augment your staff with an expert resource who is always available to answer your questions or assist with impromptu projects.

Train: Receive the training you need on products and services through web-based and/or on-site instruction.

While our team consists of experts across nearly every IT discipline, there are four main areas where our services have the most impact.


Protect Your Reliability

51% of IT pros say their top DDoS attack concern was the impact on customer service, which can last 4–6X longer than the attack itself

70% of retailers say site outages cost > $100,000 an hour – in excess of $2 million a day.


  • Analyze your network
  • Identify and rank weaknesses
  • Guarantee a seamless integration or migration
  • Get expert training

Security and Reliability Assessments

To strengthen the security and reliability of your Internet infrastructure, Neustar offers a series of detailed assessments. Each assessment begins with a comprehensive system analysis, including interviews with your staff, to highlight vulnerabilities and recommend improvements.

Network assessment — Our team will examine and report on your entire external and internal DNS infrastructure, DHCP and IPAM infrastructure, external applications, network routing, information security, systems and applications, policies, procedures and more.

Vulnerability assessment — Let us help you validate the reliability and security of your network infrastructure.

Penetration testing — Our experts will use the same sophisticated tools and tactics as cyber criminals to attempt to exploit your applications and network infrastructure. This will ensure your business is ready for future threats and attacks.

Integration, Migration and Training Services

Our professional services team has the ability to integrate or migrate your systems and policies on virtually any platform, starting with but not limited to Neustar’s managed DNS and web performance services.

The services include:

  • Service implementation
  • Data migration
  • Single Sign On (SSO) integration
  • Custom configurations using APIs
  • Policy and Procedure Integration
  • Project management and planning

Following an initial consultation, we’ll map out a full plan. If you’ve purchased Neustar UltraDNS® or our web performance products, you’re eligible for cost-effective packages to help smooth your transition.

To help you maximize our services, we offer on-demand computer-based training courses or private sessions, either via webinars or on site. Popular topics include:

  • Neustar UltraDNS® account administration
  • DNS failover and load balancing
  • Neustar Web Performance Management account administration
  • Scripting web applications and services

Just ask and we’ll be glad to customize a course on these and other topics.


Protect Your Performance

250 milliseconds – a mere eye blink – can make the difference between a repeat visitor and a lost customer


  • Understand the performance and capacity of your application under peak traffic conditions
  • Enhance your customer’s website experience
  • Augment staff for short or long term projects
  • Rely on experts who know technology and your business

Web Performance Analysis & Testing

Let us help you accelerate the performance of your website and applications.

Full-Service Website Load Testing — If your load testing needs are complex or you simply need extra resources, we can help you prepare for peak website traffic.

Web Performance Analysis — Receive a thorough analysis of your web applications. We’ll diagnose, analyze and make custom recommendations or provide a comparison of your website’s performance versus your competitors’ sites.

Scripting Assistance — As experts in the Selenium open-source toolkit, our team will help you write and develop web monitoring scripts.

Advanced Alerting — Take your performance alerting to the next level with automated fixes. We’ll help you configure and deploy intelligent alerts so you can troubleshoot common issues.

API Development — We can develop APIs to help you integrate performance data into your existing systems.

Consulting Services

For the ultimate in personalized services, we’ll provide technical account management (TAM), consisting of a full-time engineer or an entire team of experts to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.

  • Single point of contact for technical questions and related issues throughout your implementation and thereafter
  • Strategic technology guidance from an industry expert who understands your business
  • Within the scope of your managed services deployment, an assessment of your network and application infrastructure along with recommendations for optimization
  • Part-time or full-time support by one or more consultants to augment your technology projects
  • Project management assistance with technology projects or with other Neustar service offerings where you may have an interest

Neustar also offers professional services to associations, both technical administration and administrative support. Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Membership services database management
  • Registration systems creation and management
  • Mailing list updates and management
  • Real-time ticketing systems management
  • Membership applications

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