Neustar Port Numbers Solutions Sheet

Automate for Accuracy and Efficiency


Number porting used to be simple: process the order, transfer a few services, update the NPAC and in a few days you’d have a new customer! Now, customers have multiple services and identifiers and you have hours – not days – to complete most transactions. To add to the complexity, there are thousands of CSPs, rules and guidelines.

Communication providers can take advantage of automated solutions that save keystrokes and eliminate unnecessary swivel-chair scenarios.

Solutions to Ensure You

  • Automate Transactions and Reduce Errors
  • Simplify Onboarding Processes and Optimize Networks
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

SOA Solutions

Our Service Order Administration (SOA) solutions automate order management and help turn number ports into revenue. Whether wireless, wireline or intermodal (between wireline and wireless), orders port quickly and accurately. Our hosted and licensed SOA solutions give you full use of all NPAC fields and features to ensure your orders port without manual intervention.

Hosted Number Portability Solutions

Our hosted SOA solution provides a direct interface with the NPCA via a GUI or API interface with a single log-in for all NPAC regions.

Neustar Enhanced Service Request (ESR) provides a workflow engine that serves as the integration hub to legacy systems and gateway services for intercarrier and publishing solutions. With ESR, you have the foundation in place for future expansion.

Licensed Number Portability Solutions

Neustar OrderPath® provides an integrated gateway to enable number portability for fixed and mobile carriers.

Neustar Verify provides monitoring, analysis and reporting for number porting systems.

Neustar VeriPort simulates the NPAC and test the functionality and performance of the local number portability system.

Neustar NumberManager provides a LSMS solution that coordinates and provisions all number portability subscription updates sent by the NPAC.

Neustar Includes Change Management

Our systems observe the changing business rules of all CSP trading partners, freeing you to align your resources with your business goals instead of LNP administration. Our processes and platforms ensure your orders are completed within or under mandated porting intervals and in full compliance with all regulatory and industry standards.

Neustar has been perfecting the science – and art – of number portability since 1997. Do you have a new trading partner? We are connected. A new mandate coming? Our systems and processes are ready. A question? We have the answer.

It is, after all, our business to help your business.

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