Geo-Targeted Medical & Pharmaceutical Advertising


Your challenge: Reach medical decision-makers with persuasive online ads. In the past, pharmaceutical and medical firm marketers found it tough to hit the mark consistently. For every hospital in a targeted area, you’d hit thousands of consumers with zero interest in your message. Neustar solves that challenge with online advertising built on the most accurate and reliable targeting data. Whether the doctors and pharmacists you need to reach are on call or attending industry events, we can help you deliver the most relevant ads, at scale and with minimal waste.

Target Hospitals and Trade Shows

Challenge: Promote a new drug to medical professionals.

Solution: Utilized IP addresses associated with top U.S. hospitals to reliably reach doctors and administrators. Followed up with advertising at 12 industry events, leveraging IP addresses for hotels, conventions centers and nearby airports. Then retargeted event attendees for 30 days afterwards. The result: a highly focused yet comprehensive campaign.

Target Specialized Care Centers

Challenge: Announce the availability of a new stroke medication to doctors at stroke centers.

Solution: Leveraged IP addresses for independent stroke centers and those within hospitals. With website context targeting, had the ability to white- and blacklist sites for appropriate ad placements.

Target Medical Conferences

Challenge: Reach oncologists at industry events to promote radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

Solution: Used IP data to deliver ads to convention centers, hotels and local airports. Had the option to retarget attendees to achieve greater scale.

Accurate data = reliable ad targeting

Neustar gives pharmaceutical and medical marketers an online ad solution that works consistently and effectively. Quite simply, we reach audiences no one else can—those you thought were beyond the grasp of scalable, tightly focused campaigns.

Target with Confidence: The Most Accurate and Reliable IP Data
Neustar doesn’t simply repackage the IP data that enables targeting by location, organization and venue from public sources. With direct access from the source, we collect our data via proprietary, patented technologies to map routable IP addresses worldwide. That’s not all. Our network geography analysts interpret, add to and validate our data, plus a Big Four accounting firm annually verifies our methodologies. The bottom line: when it counts, you can trust our data to make sure your ads reach their targets.

Leverage Your Offline Data
Share the names of medical centers in your database and Neustar will pull their IP addresses to use in your next campaign. We can match down to the ZIP+4 level for pinpoint accuracy.

Privacy Matters
Neustar’s targeting solutions are privacy-compliant. Our IP data lets you reach scalable, targeted audiences without tracking individual behaviors or usage patterns. It is PII-free (personally identifiable information). Plus our offline data avoids sensitive categories like alcoholic beverages, medical conditions, prescription drugs, ethnicity, religion or sexual preference.

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