Neustar Ordering Solutions Data Sheet

More Efficient Telecom Order Management


Today’s communication environment is intricate and ever-changing. The list of service providers is rapidly growing and technology is becoming more complex, all while customers are demanding fast account set-up, service quality, reliability and innovation. With all of these factors, managing the multi-faceted ordering process can put a strain on carriers. That’s where Neustar Ordering Solutions are uniquely positioned to help.

Neustar’s Ordering Solutions suite of services provides an effective means of managing customer on-boarding while simultaneously meeting the applicable FCC and FTC mandates in a simple and cost effective manner. Unlike our competitors who offer partial solutions through licensed software or manual process support, Neustar Ordering Solutions offer integrated fulfillment lifecycle capabilities as a hosted software solution with a value added option of full order management by our National Provisioning Center. And, we have a proven track record of supporting the full gamut of service providers — from traditional telecoms to wireless carriers, cable companies and VoIP providers.

The secure, state-of-the-art clearinghouse databases and systems that comprise Neustar’s Ordering Solutions provide the following value:

  • Lower costs through off-loading of key ordering activities
  • Single front-end interface for all services and trading partners
  • Comprehensive order visibility, including order status, reporting and performance metrics
  • Support for all standards — LSOG, ASOG and WICIS — as well as carrier-specific business rules
  • Interconnection and certification with a powerful trading partner network (900+ carriers)

An End-to-End Ordering Solution for All Networks

While each carrier has different objectives and offerings, you all share the common goals of increasing operational efficiencies, controlling costs and maintaining expertise. Neustar provides a universal solution for all ordering and fulfillment needs, enabling providers to process orders quickly, accurately, cost-effectively and in compliance with industry standards. Whether you choose an a la carte component deployment or a full, end-to-end managed service, our Ordering Solutions ensure a streamlined order management process with little to no burden on your staff.

Cost Effectiveness: Lower total cost of ownership by reducing staffing needs and operational costs. Plus, increased revenue opportunities with faster customer on-boarding and broader service offerings.

Quality: Fewer human touch-points translate into reduced order defects and better customer service.

Flexibility: Support for your evolving needs, whether your network is wireline, wireless, or VoIP.

Efficiency: An automated platform means 95% of your orders are executed seamlessly and accurately, in near real-time fashion.

Compliance: Leverages the latest industry standard protocols to simplify the exchange of critical information.

Why Neustar?

Neustar delivers secure, reliable and innovative solutions. We connect billions of end points, thousands of networks, and hundreds of technologies every day. Our Ordering Solutions are managed by industry-recognized experts — so carriers can immediately benefit from critical knowledge and established processes.

  • A dedicated, high-performance professional services organization
  • Automated processes throughout the entire order management lifecycle
  • Backed by an intelligent validation engine that resolves ordering errors quickly
  • Valuable order tracking, reporting and performance management
  • Industry leadership and expertise in number porting and service request transactions
  • Trust and neutrality on which you can rely

Ordering Solution Options

Neustar provides you with comprehensive, automated order management solutions that lead to cost savings and revenue acceleration. Not only do we ensure that orders are processed smoothly and quickly through our unique workflow, we make sure the relevant information is published to down-stream systems and databases. The result: highly efficient, accurate order processing and faster activations — all which translate in to significant cost savings for you and increased levels of satisfaction for your end users.

Enhanced Service Request (ESR) — employs innovative workflow intelligence that automates the processing of local service requests, including number porting, directory listings, moves/adds/changes/deletes, and more.

Local Service Solutions — enable Local Service Request (LSR) transactions used to order a variety of wholesale service elements associated with a local service. Supports all pre- order and order types, including Number Port, Loop, Resale, Directory Listing, Customer Service Record, Address Validation, and many others.

Service Order Activation (SOA) — the transactions necessary to update the NPAC with ported telephone number (TN) data for access by all other carriers.

Inter-carrier Communications (ICP) — an electronic exchange of information between wireless carriers for the purposes of number porting. In addition to supporting wireless-to-wireless transactions, Neustar Ordering Solutions is the only automated intermodal solution in the United States — our system handles ICP and LSR translations in both directions (wireline-to-wireless and the reverse).

Access Service Request (ASR) — transactions for requesting Access Services, both Special and Switched from an Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC).

Enhanced 911 (E911) — serves as a gateway for Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) validation and correction; syncs with Address Location Identification (ALI) databases; supports Inserts, Deletes, Migrates, Changes, and Unlocks.

Line Information Database/Calling Name (LIDB/CNAM) — transactions that update industry standard LIDB and CNAM databases, supporting the following subscriber record requests:

  • Calling Card (insert or change a calling card record)
  • LIDB (insert, change or delete a line number record)
  • CNAM (insert, change or delete a calling name)

Customer Account Record Exchange (CARE) — transactions that facilitate the mechanized exchange of customer account- related information between local telephone service providers and long distance companies.

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