Neustar for Credit and Collections On-Demand Verification


On-demand Verification for Credit and Collections Enables You to Instantly:

  • Identify the current phone type — efficiently and accurately develop your communications strategy based upon the most up-to-date phone type.
  • Verify the current owner of a phone number — mitigating TCPA compliance risk, decreasing time spent on manual review and increasing right-party contact rates.
  • Update and append the most accurate address and phone information — shortening the number of attempts it takes to reach consumers with better and more complete contact information, increasing contact rates and maximizing collections.
  • Identify active phone numbers and understand recent phone activity — prioritizing phone numbers with recent activity, filtering out inactive phone numbers and increasing dialer efficiency and response rates.

Creditors and collections agencies in today’s environment must overcome a unique set of regulatory compliance and operational challenges. First, they need to accurately verify consumer contact information before auto dialing to mitigate the risk of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). At the same time, they need to implement this contact verification without sacrificing operational efficiency and productivity. With Neustar On-Demand Verification® possible to instantly and accurately verify phone data while protecting your top and bottom line.

Efficiently Mitigate TCPA Compliance Risk

Due to TCPA regulations, creditors and collections agencies are restricted from sending text messages to wireless phone numbers or using autodialers to call wireless phone numbers — unless prior express consent is provided by the subscriber. If an organization fails to verify the current phone type and autodials wireless phone numbers without consumer consent, then that organization risks violating TCPA which can lead to costly fines and litigation.

However, organizations must now go beyond verifying the current phone type as either a landline or cell phone to further verify the current subscriber. This is due to new TCPA interpretations that hold an organization liable for auto dialing a wireless phone number, even if consent was received in the past, if that wireless number has since been reassigned to a new subscriber. This drives the need for authoritative phone verification that is accurate, up-to-date, and includes wireless phone data.

Instantly Verify Consumer Contact Information

Contact verification can be time consuming and cumbersome because phone data is constantly changing. As an example, phone numbers can be ported from wireline to wireless devices and vice versa. Phone numbers can also be reassigned from one subscriber to another. Wireless phone data is particularly difficult to verify because it is typically private information. To complicate things further, 1 in every 3 households now rely solely on cell phones and do not have a landline. This means organizations need a strategy for dealing with this growing pool of strictly regulated, hard-to-verify data. Neustar’s On-Demand Verification® subscriber for both wireline and wireless phone numbers — in real time. This solution also provides additional insights to increase operational efficiency and productivity, such as appending additional contact information and providing insights into recent phone activity or inactivity.

The Trusted Source for Authoritative Phone Data

The Neustar On-Demand Verification® Network, delivers the most comprehensive name, address and phone information, including unparalleled coverage of wireless, VoIP and nonpublic numbers. Only Neustar provides the freshest and most accurate data, updated every fifteen minutes, from over 250 sources including nationwide telecommunication service providers. With our authoritative data and proprietary linking logic, no other company can match our ability to instantly and accurately verify consumer contact information. With On-Demand Verification, you can instantly and accurately verify consumer contact information to mitigate TCPA compliance risk, as well as access additional phone data insights to improve operational efficiency and increase right-party contact and response rates.

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