Neustar On-Demand Lead Scoring


Convert Consumer Insights into High-Margin Revenue

Today's marketers understand that every lead is unique — in the era of customizable consumer experiences, successful companies are empowered to focus on the leads most likely to convert and deliver customized offers. Lead Scoring — the ability to identify prospects that look most like your best customers — is vital to driving conversions and increasing revenue.

Why use Lead scoring?

Organizations implement Lead Scoring into their marketing strategy when they want to predict an explicit consumer behavior or answer an important question about a prospect in order to optimize the consumer experience and increase the likelihood of conversion.

As a predictive tool, Lead Scoring forecasts the likelihood of a consumer to exhibit certain behaviors by analyzing multiple attributes, isolating those most highly correlated with the desired outcome and producing a score. This insight empowers the response team to identify the potential value of a consumer and take specific, customized action on a lead-by-lead basis.

Questions about a prospect that Lead Scoring can answer include: Is this caller likely to purchase premium life insurance? Is this prospective student likely to enroll in online classes? Is it likely that this direct mail respondent will purchase our value product line?

Options for all marketing Needs

With Neustar's On-Demand Lead Scoring solutions, marketers can identify, verify, and evaluate leads at the moment of interaction — whether it's on the phone, over the Web or at the point of sale.

Neustar offers Lead Scoring options based on an organization's marketing needs, data availability and resources:

Standard Scores are derived from predictive models which use industry-based non-client specific data for calibration. This is beneficial for organizations with little to no intelligence about its customers.

Custom Scoring is done by developing a unique statistical model leveraging a client's historical conversion data to determine the best set of factors for predicting the targeted behavior.

Scoring and Your Organization

Lead Scoring works across a variety of industries including Automotive, Direct Response, Education, Financial Services and Online Lead Generation — any organization that needs to make informed, actionable decisions when interacting with a large volume of consumers. With any business process that captures a consumer identifier — a phone number, address or email — Neustar delivers unparalleled intelligence by leveraging its authoritative, on demand insight engine IANSM (Identifiers, Attributes and Network), one interaction at a time.

A Comprehensive Approach to Analytics and Segmentation

To unlock insights behind the scores that are delivered through Lead Scoring, organizations are going the extra step by also integrating the proprietary ElementOne® analytics platform. This web-based tool is uniquely designed to uncover the “who” behind their best leads, enabling marketers to find more key targets, message to them most effectively and uncover missed opportunities to elevate Lead Scoring from a tactical tool to a comprehensive strategic engine. ElementOne features a range of scientifically designed techniques to accurately quantify and better understand customers and prospects delivering granular- yet-scalable insights for enhanced marketing decisions.

By understanding consumer behavior, with Lead Scoring and ElementOne Marketing Analytics, clients can better devise and measure marketing initiatives for improved customer acquisition, cross-selling and retention, ultimately creating a more holistic marketing approach across their organization.

With Neustar On-Demand Lead Scoring, you Can:
  • Focus on the leads most likely to convert and become long-term customers
  • Differentiate follow-up tactics focusing resources on those non- buyers most likely to become buyers
  • Route leads with the highest propensity to convert to the most experienced sales agents
  • Push best leads up the sales queue for immediate interaction

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