Neustar On-Demand IP Geolocation Service

Neustar IP Intelligence provides online businesses of all sizes the capability to geotarget their advertising and Web content, detect identity theft and card-not-present fraud, manage digital content distribution, comply with local laws and more.



  • Most Web developers can setup access in less than 15 minutes.
  • Automatic updates to the Neustar data.
  • Simple REST interference for fast implementation.
  • On-premise or SaaS model.
  • Sample code provided for easy customization.

Online businesses of all sizes use Neustar’s IP geolocation data to geotarget their advertising and Web content, detect identity theft and card-not-present fraud, manage digital content distribution, comply with local laws and more.

Our IP Intelligence On-Demand service enables online businesses to quickly integrate Neustar’s IP geolocation data directly into a Web application and easily create geolocation-based business rules which can dictate automatic actions.

Neustar Data – Coverage and Accuracy Audited by Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Neustar tracks and maps nearly 2 billion routable and addressable IP addresses. For each IP address Neustar can deliver up to 30 valuable data attributes, including continent, country, state, city, postal/zip code, latitude/ longitude, phone prefix/area code, time zone, and DMA (Nielsen Designated Market Areas) codes.

But sometimes geographic information alone is not enough to accurately determine if the user is where he says he is, so Neustar also offers network characteristic data attributes, including the network connection type (DSL, cable, etc.) the connection speed, the routing type (i.e. proxy, mobile gateway). Information about the ownership of each IP address, including the Autonomous System Number (ASN), carrier name, top-level domain, second level domain is also available.

And finally, Neustar assigns a Confidence Factor for the three key geographic fields – country, state and city.

Neustar is the only IP geolocation vendor to annually have their coverage and data collection methodology audited by an outside vendor. In 2008 Pricewaterhouse Coopers attested to Neustar accuracy rates of 99.9% country-level and 96.3% U.S. state-level.

How to Deploy Neustar Data

Neustar’s GeoPoint database is the central repository for our geographic and network connection data.

To integrate this information into your Web application or other system, Neustar offers several deployment choices. Choosing which approach is best for your application is easy. IP Intelligence On-Demand service will meet the needs of all but the most demanding, high performance applications, which are well served by an on-site GeoDirectory Server based deployment.

IP Intelligence On-Demand Web Service

The On-Demand service enables online businesses to easily integrate using REST or SOAP based Neustar IP geolocation data directly into their Web applications. With this Web service, you can quickly write geolocation-based business rules. Businesses with minimal IT resources can obtain the Neustar data without making the initial investment required for an inhouse deployment – no downloading, no installation, and no maintenance required. Neustar On-Demand Web service is an affordable solution for companies with tight budgets or those wishing to “test” geolocation, as customers subscribe on a monthly or annual basis and pay only for the data queries used. If you’re new to Web services, Neustar’s team can help you get started using your company’s preferred tools and environment.

GeoDirectory Server

For the most demanding applications, for example those with a large volume of daily or peak period Web transactions, the GeoDirectory Server is the answer. This scalable solution offers high performance, and can handle thousands of queries per second. Running within your data center, the Geodirectory Server in-memory database can be accessed through a simple REST interface. Geodirectory deploy in a Tomcat container for easy mangaement. We’ll help you pick a configuration that will handle all of your IP geolocation needs, while keeping your Web sites responsive.

Both the GeoDirectory Server and IP Intelligence On-Demand service automatically keep the Neustar data up-to-date at all times. Once you’ve set up your application, the latest Neustar data will always be available.

Data Editions

Neustar offers three standard Data Editions: Bronze, Silver and Gold. All three editions, starting with the Bronze Edition offer full geographic information about your Web visitor’s IP address location, plus an indicator (called the IP routing type) of the user’s geographical proximity to that IP address location. This gives you the ability to gauge not only where the IP address is located, but where the user is located. For the most localized targeting of content, you can use the IP routing type as an additional way to filter traffic that may be coming from locations outside your target area. The Silver Edition includes everything from the Bronze Edition, plus information about the visitor’s ISP (carrier) and domain (top- and second- level domains). This additional information can help round out the online profile of your Web visitor. For repeat visitors, this information can be used to help confirm a user’s identity and usage patterns.

The Gold Edition includes all the previously mentioned data, plus Neustar’s GeoAnonymizer data – which tracks the use of individual anonymizing proxies around the world. Identifying users who are connecting via these types of proxies can help your business identify more potentially fraudulent transactions, as well as click fraud. Identifying anonymizer use is crucial in both regulatory and contractual compliance applications.


Customers can subscribe to the Neustar IP geolocation on a monthly or annual basis and pay only for the data used. Subscriptions are priced on a pay-perquery model, you will only be charged when a query is made to the Neustar GeoPoint database. For users with high Web traffic, Neustar offers tiered query plans and licenses.

Technical Support

IP Intelligence On-Demand customers receive free technical support. Neustar also provides sample code, and offers best practices advice on the type of business rules to write in order to most effectively interpret the geolocation data.

  Bronze Silver Gold
Localized Web Content Yes Yes Yes
Store Locator Yes Yes Yes
Localized Promotions Yes Yes Yes
Web Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Regional Promotions Yes Yes Yes
Localized Weather, Retail and Event Listings Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Product Configuration Yes Yes Yes
Localized Advertising Yes Yes Yes
Currency Conversions Yes Yes Yes
Traffic re-directs Yes Yes Yes
Content Serving Localization/ Caching Yes Yes Yes
Digital Rights Management   Yes Yes
Track email Sources   Yes Yes
Identify User Traffic from specific ISPs, companies   Yes Yes
Register new customers (for secure transactions)     Yes
Detect Fraudulent Transactions     Yes
Click Fraud Detection     Yes
Regulatory/Contractual Compliance     Yes
User Authentication     Yes

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