Neustar On-Demand Verification

Risk Management


Speed Up the Approval Process

Empower faster decisions and move more transactions through the approval process with Neustar On-Demand Verification solutions for risk management. Our unmatched data repository is updated every 15 minutes to ensure that you have access to the most accurate and up-to-date consumer and business name, physical address, phone number — including mobile, landline, VoIP and nonpublic — to move transactions into the approval process faster, decrease operational expenses and increase profits in milliseconds.

Hard-to-Find Data at Your Fingertips

Finding a reliable source of consumer and business information is getting harder to find. With nearly 31.6 percent of U.S. households dropping their landline phones in favor of mobile phones and cable remaining a strong player with over 26.2 million VoIP subscribers, continues to impact non-public data:

  • 25-45% of all enrollments, transactions and account changes contain a mobile phone number
  • 42% of mobile subscribers use their mobile phones as their primary communications device
  • 31% of wireless subscribers only have a mobile phone
  • 12% is the annual growth rate for mobile phone use
  • 40% is the annual growth rate for Cable and VoIP
  • 5% is the annual decline in growth rate for landline phones

The proliferation of non-traditional phones means you increasingly need accurate intelligence to verifying transactions where nonpublic phone information as a key element of contactability. Our On-Demand Verification solutions, which accesses key Identifiers within our market proven, insights engine, IANSM, which stands for Identifiers, Attributes and Network, provides you with the freshest data available in the industry to boost the order approval efficiency and reduce unnecessary manual review by verifying that the submitted name, address and phone data are linked together.

Verification Sources Complete and accurate coverage of landline phone numbers Ability to verify nonpublic phone numbers Ability to verify mobile phone numbers Ability to append landline phone numbers when mobile numbers are submitted Access to unique phone stability indicators
Unmatched Coverage of Mobile, VoIP, Landline and Nonpublic Phone Information
Public Data Sources (free) yes - - - -
Other Paid Data Sources yes yes - - -
Neustar On-Demand Verification yes yes yes yes yes

As the trusted, neutral partner to nationwide telecommunication service providers and other data providers, you gain access the most accurate and comprehensive name, physical address, email address and phone number — mobile, VoIP, landline and nonpublic. You have instant access to verified, hard-to-find contact information so that you can move more legitimate transactions into the approval process with greater confidence — one interaction at a time.

Verify Transactions with One Click

Understanding the relationship between name, address and phone number submitted within a transaction is key to verifying that consumers are who they say they are. Contact Quality Rating (CQR) real-time verification solution gives you the full picture. CQR verifies and categorizes whether a name, address and phone are linked together. This critical insight enables you to quickly identify and move low-risk transactions into the approval process faster.

Category Interpretation and Action
Easy to Integrate Contact Quality Categories for Automated Decisioning
All Information Is Valid and Linked Orders with the best contact information. Orders that have a linkage between the name, address and phone number can often be approved, especially if they meet other criteria such as not exceeding an order-value threshold or being a low-risk product type.
Two Pieces of Information Are Linked Combination of name, address or phone linked. In many cases, looking at alternate information provided will help paint a complete picture of the order being reviewed. For each rating, the linked relationship is described and any additional information about the third piece of information is included.
No Linkage or Invalid Phone/Address An invalid phone or address should be a warning sign that an order may not reach its destination or is fraudulent. Phone numbers with no linkage or with non-matching names should also get additional review

Turning Manual Reviews into a Science

Even with an automated verification process in place, some transactions require further scrutiny. There is a way to eliminate extensive investigations with fragmented data sources and time consuming phone calls to consumers and banks. You can improve operational efficiencies with just one click. Our Web-based Manual Review Portal quickly identifies low-risk transactions to instantly move them into the approval process.

We continually receive data feeds to ensure that the Manual Review Portal delivers the most robust verification intelligence available — in real time. With On-Demand Verification you’ll increase your productivity by reducing time and resources spent on reviewing orders.

End-to-End Screening Intelligence

Behind the scenes or on the front line, combining Contact Quality Rating with the Manual Review Portal equips you with unmatched intelligence throughout the entire pre-screening process. Streamline your front-end automated review process with Contact Quality Rating and reduce the number of manual reviews by up to 30 percent. Then give your risk-management team the most accurate contact information available via our Manual Review Portal. Together, Contact Quality Rating and the Manual Review Portal increase transaction throughput and decrease operational costs, paving the path for process optimization.

1 Phone Company Verification Verifies with the phone company that the input name matches the name associated with the phone number
2 Result Describes the relationship between the input name, address and phone number
3 Phone Type Displays if a phone is landline or wireless
4 Listing Type Displays if a phone is listed as a consumer, business, pay phone, or fax
5 Valid US Postal Address Validates that the input address is recognized by the US Postal Service (USPS)
6 Valid Dialable Phone Validates that the input phone number is recognized by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP)
7 Based on the Phone, we have... Provides the name and address for the input phone number
8 Based on the Address, we have... Provides the name, standardized address and appended phone number for the input address
9 Phone Appears to be Active Displays if the input phone number has a recent change in service activity
10 Phone Registered on a Do Not Call List Displays if the input phone number has been placed on a state or federal Do Not Call list
11 Phone is Near Address Displays if the address associated with the input phone number is located within 6 miles of the input address
12 Recent Change in Phone Listing Displays if there has been a recent change in the phone listing such as change of name or address
13 Phone Provider Displays the phone company who delivers the service and also indicates "Switched" if a subscriber has changed providers
14 Address Type Displays if the input address is a street address or a high rise that requires secondary address information

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