Neustar NumeriTrack Inventory Management Solution

Manage Mixed Customer Information in a Primary Data Repository


Neustar NumeriTrack Resource Data Manager

Managing customer information includes more than telephone numbers. You have a growing number of identifiers, from account numbers to network and service types to equipment identifiers and more. Data may be housed in multiple legacy or acquired systems and in varying formats, making it difficult to get an accurate and holistic view of your customers. The lack of insight may limit the scope of services you are able to offer and hinder the quality of service you deliver.

NumeriTrack allows the flexibility to react to new business products while maintaining reporting and data accuracy.

- Application Manager, Fortune 500 Telecom Manager

Primary Repository and Resource Manager

Neustar NumeriTrack® removes these limitations by providing a primary repository that manages multiple customer resource data types in one automated solution. Manage key customer information through the resource data lifecycle to make customer associations, increase data integrity for accurate reporting and improve overall staff efficiency.

Eliminate data discrepancies caused by silos of subscriber data to improve customer service and reduce costly business and reporting errors. NumeriTrack includes solutions for:

  • Number portability
  • Forecasting and utilization
  • Number/resource assignment and lifecycle management
  • Database consolidation

Neustar NumeriTrack provides an open and scalable, centralized system to store, assign, track and manage your customer information for mobile, fixed- line and VoIP services. It integrates with your existing BSS/OSS and number portability systems to automate and streamline your numbering and other inventory lifecycle management processes.

Grow Your Business

Accurate resource inventory management allows you to focus your efforts on offering new services and delivering the best customer experience and less on managing your customer data. Neustar NumeriTrack eliminates multiple assignments of the same number, reduces customer service issues and speeds regulatory reporting. Reduce the complexity of managing key customer information with our automated solutions that allow you to grow your business, know your customers and offer new services.

Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Support new technologies or business changes from a single point
  • Meet regulatory and internal reporting needs
  • Eliminate the cost of error correction

Improve Your Customer Experience

  • Increase the speed of customer service
  • Assign numbers correctly the first time, every time
  • Allow customers to retain their number when migrating services

Reduce Business Risk

  • Ensure ample number inventory levels
  • Eliminate assignment errors
  • Avoid regulatory audits and fines

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