Neustar Number Inventory Management Data Sheet

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Telephone numbers (TNs) are central to today’s communications. They permeate every carrier’s process and are the key to customer identification, network routing, and revenue. Their critical nature has been heightened with advances in network technology. In this age of competition and number portability, TNs are a complex resource to manage.

The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) represents a finite resource that is shared among thousands of competitors. The TNs it defines are administered, regulated, and monitored by national and sometimes local agencies. Competition and growth in customer acquisition drives constant changes in TN ownership and use. So much change in fact that over 25% of the numbers in use today are no longer with their original registrar.

Because the scarce numbering resource is administered outside of each carrier’s control, providers are required to register number stewardship with various regulatory bodies. These authoritative data records reside outside of the carriers’ infrastructure in databases like NPAC, BIRRDS, PAS, and NANPA. Those same data are replicated for operational purposes inside the company in multiple forms such as LERG, LSMS, LIDB /CNAM, various extracts, spreadsheets, databases, and CRM/OSS/BSS platforms. With so many files and so much change, it’s no wonder carriers spend significant resource and attention on number management.

Fortunately Neustar has created a simple, yet powerful, tool for carriers to easily acquire, manage, query and report on TN inventory and utilization. With our unique Port Power Search (PS) offerings, carriers have access to an intuitive user interface to display, organize and report on TN information that is critical to managing customer relationships and TN inventory.

Independent and Authoritative Numbering Solutions for Carriers

Our unique offerings provide a robust portfolio of number inventory ordering, management and reporting solutions that offer complete visibility over TNs to ensure your customers always enjoy an error free communications experience.

Cost Effectiveness: Single portal interface to all TN ownership and routing requires no hardware or software costs and provides easy query and reporting on TN ownership and routing.

Quality: Secure environment with near real-time access to NPAC, NANPA, and Pooling Administration data allowing you to have complete inquiry capability into all official sources of numbering data.

Flexibility: Choice of basic GUI or basic API allows access that works with current business processes.

Efficiency: One stop pool block ordering and forecasting plus preloaded common request structures for ease of knowledge creation. You can leverage the experience of Neustar and its other customers in supporting your request needs.

Accuracy: Neustar is the trusted, neutral administrator of the official databases for porting and pooling. Port PS relies on the official data sources of NPAC, PAS, and NANPA so you can have confidence in the results of every query and report.

Why Neustar?

Neustar delivers secure, reliable and innovative solutions. We connect billions of endpoints, thousands of networks, and hundreds of technologies every day. Our Port PS Solution options will ensure that you have the most accurate and reliable number management solutions to help drive revenues — all while delivering a positive customer experience from the start. Our comprehensive solution provides:

  • A dedicated account management and support team
  • Full scalability to accommodate increased volumes
  • Industry leadership and expertise for compliance and platform management
  • Trust and neutrality on which you can rely

Neustar Number Inventory Management and Reporting Solution Options

Neustar understands the complexity of acquiring, allocating and reporting on TN ownership with respect to NANPA code ownership, assignment, pooling assignments, donations, activations and porting of numbers from codes and pool blocks. That’s why our solutions are based on accurate, credible, current and complete data pulled from the official data sources of NPAC, NANPA and PAS. Our solutions simply and quickly organize a single view of the various databases outside of a carrier’s organization to deliver consistently smooth TN order processing and an overall accurate view of number inventory.

Port PS — Basic

  • Single portal for all TN inventory data
  • Online registration and user / account administration
  • Provides basic ownership and NPAC Routing information for TNs
  • Query up to 1,000 TNs by TN, Ranges and Lists
  • Optimized request creation
  • Available to all NPAC users at no charge

Port PS — Query Manager (QM)

All the features of Port PS — Basic plus:

  • Unlimited queries and reporting on TNs blocks or codes
  • Flexible request definition
  • Additional sources of data available, including expanded PAS field retrieval and LERG data
  • API interface for electronic bonding
  • Create LNP action forms for NPAC bulk porting / mediation
  • Predefined “best practice” reports
  • Port-In and Port-Out Activity Reporting with Scheduled Report Delivery

Port PS — Resource Inventory Manager System (RIMS)

  • Automated interfaces with PAS (Pooling Administration System)
    • Streamlined pool block requests, modifications, donations and returns
    • Consolidated review and approval function, culminating with release to internal billing and fulfillment systems
  • Utilization and forecast reporting
    • Central repository of block utilization and forecasting information
    • Automated MTE (Months to Exhaust) calculations and projections
    • Automated Semi-annual NRUF reporting
    • Pooling forecasts

Port PS — Professional Services

  • Managed NRUF Reporting
  • Customized Reporting

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