Every Second Counts

Your customers expect a fast and flawless online experience. Every step of the way, Neustar helps you deliver.


How long will people wait for your website to load? Four seconds, if you’re lucky (and that number continues to shrink). How long does it take a DDoS attack to inflict losses of $100K? In a growing number of cases, only one hour.

Every second counts on the Internet. So does every impression, every transaction and every customer. To help you promote and protect your online presence, Neustar has an end-to-end selection of enterprise services.


Localized Display Advertising
Every Impression Counts

  • Reach the right audiences
  • Lift conversions and ROI
  • Be more relevant

With our Audience Targeting Services you’ll know where buyers are located, plus identify them by industry, organization and more. For example, serve ads for spring break airfare to students at targeted colleges.

Localized Website Content
Every Visitor Counts

  • Display the right language and currency
  • Show the most relevant products and visuals
  • Increase website conversions

Thanks to our IP Intelligence data, you can display the right content to the right visitors. Speak to global audiences like they were right around the corner. The payoff: Response often increases by as much as 70%.

Mobile Marketing
Every Engagement Counts

  • Reach buyers on their favorite device, their mobile phone
  • Connect anytime, anywhere
  • Boost response and drive sales

With common short codes (CSC) services, we can give your marketing efforts greater reach and lift conversions. In fact, you can expect your SMS campaign conversions to be three times higher than in email marketing.

Domain Name Registry
Every Domain Counts

  • Ensure your domain name and website make a great first impression
  • Get start-to-finish support for your global registry
  • Rely on our 10+ years of experience: domain name management, customer service, marketing and more


Web Performance Management
Every Insight Counts

  • Don’t miss another visitor
  • Make sure your website is available and loads fast
  • Get insights on web issues before they affect customers

Our website monitoring and load testing solutions are the ultimate peace of mind. Be vigilant 24/7 and ready for peak traffic. Studies show that a blink of an eye – 250 milliseconds – can make the difference between winning and losing customers.

DNS Services
Every Request Counts

  • Guarantee your website performs at 100%
  • Let visitors reach you reliably, 24/7
  • Protect against security threats and gain peace of mind

Built on a powerful, highly reliable global directory platform, our external and recursive DNS services do the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on core business objectives. Enjoy 100% uptime and the industry’s strongest SLAs.

DDoS Protection
Every Minute Counts

  • Stop DDoS attacks fast and minimize financial losses
  • Avoid customer service nightmares and high abandonment rates
  • Protect your brand and customer trust

In a growing number of DDoS attacks, the financial impact reaches $100K per hour. The experts in our 24/7 Security Operations Center have the knowledge and experience to block attacks quickly. We bring the right people and technologies to the job of keeping you safe.

Compliance and Fraud Prevention
Every Transaction Counts

  • Stay in compliance and avoid penalties
  • Reduce online fraud
  • Safeguard the integrity of your site and your bottom line

Our IP Intelligence data shows you where your visitors are really located. Armed with these insights, you can adhere to regulations by blocking content in restricted areas, plus check device locations against shipping addresses to stop fraudsters from making purchases with stolen credit cards.

Professional Services
Every Day Counts

  • Complete key projects faster
  • Better understand the performance of your web applications
  • Improve the reliability and security of your network infrastructure

When your IT team is strapped for time, budget or specialized expertise, our Pro Serve consultants will help you deliver on time and with the results you need.

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