Neustar Multi-Point Identity Confidence


Key Facts and Figures *

16% increase in verified/sell-able leads by utilizing two phone numbers: Sell more

25% of leads have 3 high quality contact points: Multi-channel market

42% reduction in manual verifications: Reduce OpEx

Multi-Point Identity Confidence is the next generation verification service from Neustar. Unlike previous verification services that returned a single verification result, Multi-Point Identity Confidence takes verification a step further by providing a score for every contact point. This 360-degree view of every lead provides a level of precision never available before.

The solution works by returning a 0–99 score for every name to identifier combination. Each score represents the quality of the association between a name and identifier – address, phone1, phone2 and email address.

Multi-Point Identity Confidence is designed for simple interpretation; the higher the score the more likely the input data is associated to the identity. Scores vary based on a few key criteria including linkages between a name and the identifier, linkages between associated identifiers, and the validity of the identifier. Scores can be grouped into meaningful ranges which can be used to guide business rules and can also be easily incorporated into your company's business processes.

Benefits of Multi-Point Identity confidence
  • Utilizes Neustar's award winning authoritative data repository
  • Verifies more consumers using new data resources
  • Unparalleled mobile phone coverage via unique TELCO relationships
  • Handles multiple phone numbers, addresses and emails
  • 0–99 score – easy to operationalize and adjust
  • Identifies the best channel for contacting the consumer
  • Flexible XML query response structure
Benefits to Lead Buyers Benefits to Lead Sellers
  • Improve your bottom line by purchasing the best leads
  • Increase sales by selling previously rejected leads
  • Increase profitability by focusing resources on the best leads
  • Reduce OpEx by minimizing leads that require manual identity contact verification services
  • Simplify operations by standardizing lead vendor assessment
  • Right-price leads by the number of verified contact channels
  • Broaden reach by contacting the lead using multiple channels
  • Reduce returns and enforce better disposition refund policies

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