Mission-Critical Intelligence Suite


The iTACT Intelligence Portal Provides:

  • Real-time access to the best name/ address/phone information
  • Additional phone numbers associated with an address
  • Ability to import data into analyst tools
  • A Web-based interface for easy and secure searches

THE Source for Law-Enforcement Intelligence

Does your team waste critical time chasing inaccurate location and contact information? Speed up your investigative process with data you can't find elsewhere — inclusive of household and business contact information across the US and Canada.

With our Mission-Critical Intelligence Suite, you'll access the most up-to-date, complete and accurate name, address and phone information available today — all from one unrivaled source.

Gain access to our exclusive repository of Nonpublic, VoIP and Wireless records

Using our real-time services, you can tap into verified information — updated every 15 minutes — to confirm subscriber and phone carrier information for a single phone number or an entire batch, no delay. On-site files are also available to power your data mining and database applications with name/address/phone records compiled from multiple sources.

Real Data, Real Results, Real Time

iTACT — Neustar's Web-based intelligence portal — provides quick search for investigating phone numbers and finding additional phone numbers associated with an address. At the most critical moment, you can identify and verify names, addresses and phone numbers, preventing inaccuracies and costly delays. Our Web interface provides easy, secure, twenty-four-seven access to this critical data via:

  • Phone-Number Search – Returns name, address and carrier information.
  • Address Search – Identifies phone numbers located at an address.
  • Phone-Batch Search – Allows processing of up to 1000 phone numbers at once, which can be utilized with analyst tools.

Neustar also offers API access, an automated query-response system, to integrate iTACT's real-time data into your analyst systems and platforms — in sub-second speed.

Neustar On-Site Files Deliver:

  • Hard-to-find data for your secure network
  • Precise and accurate data – guaranteed
  • Multi-sourced records
  • Household, as well as individual records
  • Ability to track multiple owners of a single phone number

Accelerate Investigations

Neustar on-site files provide a strong data foundation for your applications with the most accurate and reliable name, address and phone information. The data is maintained at a household level, can include demographic and firmographic information and is compiled from over 240 unique sources.

The on-site files leverage our exclusive sources and build on national coverage of white page and yellow page listings. Our addresses are 100% DPV mail deliverable — the most accurate and complete — ensuring precise results.

We also provide access to consumers and businesses classified as private in Directory Assistance or unpublished in printed directories. Now, you can find information not available from other data providers including nonpublic, VoIP and wireless records.

Our files include:

  • US Resident Trace File – 120+ million consumer households, each with up to seven names and phone numbers. Option to enhance households with additional demographic data.
  • US Business Trace File – 16+ million businesses listed by address and verified to ensure currency and accuracy. Listings contain unique information such as hours of operation, services rendered and brands sold. Option to enhance businesses with additional firmographic data.
  • US Wireless Trace File – Contains names, addresses and phone numbers of consumers with a wireless phone number.
  • Canada Trace File – 12+ million consumers and two million businesses in Canada.

Comprehensive Data for Comprehensive Investigations

Whether you need real-time or on-site access, the Mission- Critical Intelligence Suite arms you with the information necessary to make the right decision at the right time. Our unique sources and hard-to-find data guarantee that there is no better source for your mission-critical intelligence. With unmatched speed and accuracy, you will accelerate investigations with precision.

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