Neustar Website Load Testing Services Overview


Load Testing helps you identify web performance bottlenecks, get a handle on how much traffic your site can handle, and make sure that your applications are ready for launch or high traffic periods like back-to-school season or Cyber Monday. Without testing you’re taking the chance of experiencing performance issues in a live environment, or spending money on additional hardware or bandwidth when that could have easily been avoided. Testing your applications in a structured manner often identifies cost-effective opportunities for performance improvement saving you money in the long run, and provides real-world validation that you are ready to go live, protecting your brand and revenues.

Depending on the complexity of your testing requirements, and the resources and expertise you have available on staff, Webmetrics offers different solutions to meet your unique needs.

Our Full-Service Load Testing solution includes a dedicated engineer who is assigned to you for scripting, running tests and providing analysis and recommendations. We can get complex testing done for you quickly and offer you the benefit of our over 10 years of experience in the industry.

Our On-Demand Load Testing solution is sophisticated but also very flexible, allowing you to run tests at any time, night or day. It’s also easy-to-use and you can get started immediately with a free test.

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