Neustar On-Demand Verification Helps Lead Buyers Mitigate TCPA Risk


The dynamic legal and regulatory environment around the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) — and the serious penalties associated with violations — continue to impact how lead buyers can contact customers and prospects. Neustar Verification for TCPA helps lead buyers mitigate risks by providing in-depth insights into consumer phone numbers, including wireless versus landline, and phone ownership.

Efficiently Mitigate TCPA Risk

The Federal Communications Commission’s TCPA regulations set the rules by which consumers can be contacted via their phones, including the different rules that apply to pre-recorded and/or auto-dialed calls to mobile phones and landline phones. New regulations that go into effect in October require you to acquire “express written consent” from consumers before calling mobile numbers using automated technology. In addition, recent court cases make clear that you must have the consent of the current subscriber — which requires you to ensure that a given phone number is still owned by the consumer who initially provided consent. The Interactive Markets are rightfully focused on the “express written consent” portions of the regulations. However, it is imperative that any marketer who purchases leads must also be aware of the verification portions of the regulations including identifying the phone type for every lead. Moreover, in light of a recent court case1, lead buyers must also verify that the lead who gave consent still owns the phone number. It is essential for companies to keep customers’ and prospects’ data accurate and up-to-date as they work leads.

Continuously Updated and Highly Accurate Phone Data

Verification for TCPA full breadth of unmatched data assets can help lead buyers mitigate risks associated with TCPA.


Is the phone number associated with a given consumer?

  • Neustar's authoritative identity data
  • Unmatched coverage and accuracy
  • Millions of real-time updates everyday

What are the attributes of a particular number?

  • Best-of-breed combination of carrier and network level data
  • Attributes include: Phone Type, Phone Activity, DNC, Many Others
Line Porting

Has this phone number been ported to a wireless device?

  • Unique real-time view of any number that has been ported from a landline phone to a wireless phone
  • Neustar manages over 600 million US telephone numbers

The solution enables lead buyers to authoritatively determine the phone type as wireless or wireline. The solution can also be used in combination with the ported wireless data from Neustar.

The Verification for TCPA solution also authoritatively verifies the linkage between a name and a phone number — landline, mobile and nonpublic — for a lead. Now, lead buyers can confidently verify that the phone number still belongs to the individual who gave consent.

Verification for TCPA leverages the full power of IANSM (Identifiers, Attributes, Network) — Neustar’s marketproven, real-time consumer insights engine. Through IAN, Neustar provides the freshest and most accurate data, updated every 15 minutes from over 250 sources, including partnerships with national telecommunications service providers. The Verification for TCPA solution includes the most comprehensive coverage of over 80% of wireless and hardto- find phone numbers. With access to unmatched data and proprietary linking logic, you can instantly and accurately verify consumer contact information.

Verification for TCPA enables lead buyers, on an ongoing basis, to verify contact information in order to mitigate TCPA compliance risk, as well as increase right-party contacts with an unparalleled level of confidence.

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