Internal Web Performance Monitoring

Neustar Private Agent: Find and fix performance problems inside the firewall.

  • Monitor performance within your internal network
  • Extend your monitoring locations
  • No additional hardware needed

External website monitoring is great for detecting issues outside of your firewall, but what if you need to measure your application’s performance within your internal network?

Neustar Private Agent is the answer. A software-based application offered as an enhanced feature of Neustar Website Monitoring, Private Agent gives you complete visibility into the performance and availability of your most critical internal management systems. Quickly triage the root cause of performance bottlenecks and reduce the time it takes to diagnose, isolate and fix issues.

Power: With the combination of external and internal monitoring, you get true performance perspectives from inside and outside the firewall.

Capability: When installed on a server within your network, Private Agent becomes an additional point of visibility into your network. Besides gaining performance reports from our external monitoring solution, you can now collect availability and performance information from anywhere inside your infrastructure chain.

Scalable: In addition to monitoring your internal applications, Neustar Private Agent can also extend your monitoring beyond our 100-agent locations.

Simplicity: Private Agent can be easily set up on most existing servers or run on virtual servers.

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