Systems Integration, Data Migration and Technical Training

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To protect and refine your Internet infrastructure, you need the right systems and the knowledge to optimize them. Neustar’s professional services team can help you integrate or migrate virtually any platform. Our experts are also ready to provide in-depth training, enabling your team to utilize the advanced capabilities available through your platform, application or solution.

Systems Integration and Data Migration Services

Drawing on their diverse experience, our engineers will help you integrate or migrate your current systems and policies, focusing on key areas like:

  • Service implementation
  • Data migration
  • Single Sign On (SSO) integration
  • Custom configurations using APIs
  • Policy and procedure integration
  • Project management and planning
  • Helpdesk policies and procedures
  • Compliance assistance for Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, ISO, COBIT and NIST
  • API integration with other systems
  • Custom dashboards and reporting

We’ll work closely with your team to minimize or eliminate downtime, ensuring a painless transition.

In doing so, Neustar Professional Services follows the 3 D’s:

  • Discover – Conduct detailed assessments of your current infrastructure.
  • Design – Create a technical plan of action.
  • Deploy – Execute the plan and ensure your goals are met.

Technical Training Services

To help you maximize the return on your technology investments, we offer a full menu of technical training courses. For your convenience, you can take any course ondemand (computer-based training) or as a private session (on site or via webinar).

Managed DNS Account Administration

  • Maintaining account preferences and contact info
  • Managing your records tab
  • Creating domains
  • Exporting zone files
  • Making bulk changes
  • Generating reports

Advanced DNS Topics

  • DNS failover and load balancing
  • Origin-based routing
  • Advanced permissions
  • Advanced reporting

Web Performance Account Administration

  • Navigating your dashboard and the My Account tab
  • Training on all monitoring services
  • Utilizing settings, logs, and reports
  • Introduction to Neustar Web Performance Management APIs
  • Overviews of graphing/reports, ecosystem management, alerts and alert contacts
  • Troubleshooting

Advanced Web Performance Topics

  • Scripting web applications and web services
  • Detailed review of scripting
  • Script recorder
  • Standard scripting
  • Troubleshooting RIA scripts
  • Web services scripting
  • Rich Internet Application (RIA) scripting
  • Deep dive into web performance APIs
  • Real-time API
  • Log download API
  • Processed data API
  • Code examples
  • Common techniques for data extraction and processing

We’ll be glad to customize a course on these or other topics, so your integration/migration goes smoothly and you get the results you need.

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