Neustar Marketing Solutions Find Profitable Customers

Boost Sales. Increase Loyalty. Reduce Costs.


Successful marketing campaigns all have the same goal: getting the right customer to the right service. Data segmentation and analytics can help you to evaluate prospects, boosts revenue and reduce churn. Powered by authoritative consumer and business data analytics, Neustar’s multi-channel marketing solutions for communications service providers empowers you to find, win and keep more customers:

Solutions to Ensure You

  • Identify Prospects with High Lifetime Value
  • Augment Internal Data
  • Improve Customer Experience

Marketing Strategy & Segmentation

Enhance the effectiveness of your targeting capabilities with Neustar® ElementOne® Analytics Platform. This proprietary Web-based tool allows you to leverage your own data with household-level syndicated information to guide marketing efforts across all channels.


Neustar’s on-demand scoring solutions empower marketers to verify and provide customized responses to prospects and customers at the crucial moment they make contact – on the phone, on the Web, in an online form or at the point of sale. Neustar delivers the power of scientific predictive analytics with the input of a single consumer identifier, such as phone, email or an address.

Identification & Verification

Whether verifying an enrollment request or closing a sale, your team needs to be able to verify key identifiers and the accuracy of consumer-submitted information in real time, one interaction at a time – from the Web, in an online form, on the phone or at the point-of-sale. Increase conversions and decrease fraudulent transactions with Neustar’s Identity and Verification services.

Customer Acquisition

Understand what your best customers look like, how to reach them and what to say to them to optimize your marketing campaigns and ultimately boost sales. Neustar offers a host of acquisition services that can help you to turn leads into customers.

Risk Management Services

Due to the number of subscribers and the high turnover rate, it used to be difficult to prevent fraud before it happens. Now, Neustar Risk Management services, leverage predictive data analytics that help you to identify high risk potential subscribers in order to minimize fraudulent behavior before you bring them onto your network.

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