Neustar Email Verification


Email Verification, Not Just Email Validation

Today more companies use consumer submitted email addresses as a key identifier to approve more legitimate transactions and connect with prospects. Relying solely on validating email addresses — meaning confirming syntax, domain and username — only validates whether or not an email address is "deliverable” and falls short of verifying that individuals submitting them are who they say they are. This results in wasted marketing dollars targeting invalid leads and increased risk of approving fraudulent transactions.

Neustar's email verification service reduces the risk. Email Verification not only validates email addresses, but also verifies them. By using Neustar's patented linking technology, Email Verification evaluates the authoritative linkages between an email address and a name, address and phone number, and scores the likelihood that the email address belongs to the individual submitting it. The solution also automates operational processes and improves marketing effectiveness at the same time.

Easy to understand Scores to Improve Your Business Processes

Email Verification leverages the full power of Neustar's market-proven, real-time consumer insight engine, IANSM (Identifiers, Attributes and Network). IAN allows you to more accurately verify a consumer's email address at the point of capture — on the Web and at the point of service.

The platform accesses Neustar's authoritative data repository and links the email address to key identifiers including name, address and phone information, and delivers scores in real time, based on four key criteria:

  1. Email address validity.
  2. Linkages of the email address to other key identifiers such as name, address and phone number.
  3. Association of the email username and the submitted customer name.
  4. Whether the email address is found in the Neustar's data repository.

Email addresses with a higher score indicate a higher linkage between the email address and key identifiers. The scores can also be incorporated into meaningful ranges to help guide your business rules and processes.

Email Verification Scores

Value Characteristics
85 - 90 Email is linked to verified name, address and phone number in Neustar’s Data Repository
70 - 84 Email is valid and has a strong linkage to a verified name, address and phone number
30 - 69 Email is valid and has a moderate linkage to a verified name, address and phone number
1 - 29 Email is valid and has a low linkage to a verified name, address and phone number
0 Email not valid

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