Neustar Marketing Solutions Deliver Targeted Experiences

Engage Customers to Drive Sales


Make your customers feel special, and they will return. Better yet, they’ll spread the word about your brand and their positive experiences. Data, analytics and actionable segmentation give you the ability to deliver highly relevant, compelling offers and experiences when interacting with large volumes of customers – one customer at a time.

Neustar Marketing Solutions help you to build sales strategies that effectively leverage the preferences and actions of buyers in order to increase core sales, build brand loyalty, upsell new products and services:

Solutions to Ensure You

  • Deliver Targeted, Relevant Messages
  • Draw Increased Attention to Your Brand
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Information Services

Optimize your Web page content to match visitors’ preferences – based on knowledge, not trial-and-error – which will improve their experience with your brand and ultimately drives sales. AdAdvisor® and PageAdvisorSM are two Neustar solutions that help you to captivate your web visitors by offering exactly the right message. AdAdvisor combines offline consumer data insights with display ad targeting capabilities, enabling you to place relevant display ads in front of users most predisposed to your products or services. PageAdvisor enables you to serve up a landing page with content that has been determined by visitor attributes based on insights combined from your CRM data and Neustar’s predictive online data.

Location Services

Pinpoint location via IP address to display localized web page content, with the right products and offers, all in the right language. Ever wished you could capitalize on key characteristics about a prospect before your sales team picks up the phone? With Location Solutions from Neustar, you can better target your inbound callers by linking them to relevant attributes – such as location, latitude and longitude – in real time, one inquiry at time.

Mobile Marketing

Reach buyers on the go with common short codes (CSC). Common short codes are the five- or-six-digit numbers used to interact via text. For example, a CSC campaign may ask you to text a certain number to vote for a favorite reality show, make a purchase, give a donation or enter a sweepstakes. Mobile marketing activities keep you relevant with your customers and provide endless creative, fun opportunities for brand engagement.

Text Everywhere

As customers rely more and more on texting, as a service provider, you look for better ways to support this exponentially-growing form of communication. However, texting via smartphones is only part of the story. Many new applications can now be delivered to home and work broadband connections, creating a valuable service for broadband Wireline operators and a better experience for customers that rely on texting. Neustar® Text Everywhere gives you an innovative, valuable service to offer your customers. Best of all, we make it easy.

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