Neustar SiteProtect. Intelligent DDoS Protection.


To stop today’s sophisticated DDoS attacks, you need more than just technology. Our highly trained experts are your single most powerful weapon. They offer intelligent protection: years of hands-on experience, best-of-breed mitigation technologies and proprietary methodologies combining to keep your business safe.

We’ve Got You Covered

Today’s DDoS attacks are bigger, last longer and are more sophisticated than ever before. Only Neustar has the expertise to anticipate threats and intelligently apply the right blend of technologies to stop them. We’ve got you covered with the people, processes and technology to keep your site up when the bad guys try to knock it down.

People: Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is manned by DDoS experts 24/7. No one has more collective DDoS-fighting experience or a more rigorous set of mitigation best practices.

Processes: Drawing on our experience in countless DDoS mitigations, we’ve tested and honed our response processes to ensure attacks are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Technology: We use a combination of the latest technologies from numerous top providers and proprietary technology to ensure we can quickly identify and stop every kind of attack.

What is SiteProtect?

Neustar SiteProtect® is a purpose-built DDoS mitigation solution with deployment options to fit the needs of all businesses, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Neustar Siteprotect Diagram

SiteProtect On-Demand

A high-capacity, cloud-based DDoS protection service, Neustar SiteProtect scrubs malicious traffic away from your infrastructure, defusing the large, complex attacks that make headlines every day and threaten your business stability.

Activate on-demand through DNS Redirection or BGP Redirection.

SiteProtect Always-On Hybrid

Neustar SiteProtect Hybrid features the best-in-breed Arbor Pravail DDoS mitigation appliance, which combats attacks locally, without a moment’s delay. When attacks exceed local capacity, Neustar fails over your traffic to the SiteProtect cloud and manages the response until the danger passes. Best of all, it is a fully managed service, including remote management of your Arbor box. Neustar monitors, detects and responds to DDoS attacks for you, so you can commit resources to higher priorities.

Advanced Services: Detection & Alerting

Avoiding the costly impact from DDoS attacks requires constant vigilance and probably isn’t on the top of your long to-do list. That’s why Neustar offers Detection & Alerting. Neustar’s expert Security Operations Team monitors, analyzes and alerts you of potential DDoS attacks. They analyze Netflow data, perform real-time analysis to detect potential DDoS and trigger alerts for mitigation.

The Neustar Advantage

Holistic DDoS Protection

Neustar can provision SiteProtect to defend most standard TCP-based applications, including websites, email servers, APIs, databases and more. Our solution protects your entire Internet ecosystem. For the ultimate assurance, we recommend bundling SiteProtect with Neustar UltraDNS®, for DNS DDoS protection. Combined, these two services ensure uninterrupted traffic flow to your critical online properties without the need to manage multiple providers and solutions.

More than bandwidth. True intelligence.

Sophisticated, long-lived, multi-vector attacks are still on the rise. Experts agree that a well-crafted, multi-vector attack as small as 2Gbps, the average size of most attacks, will take down a site. These multi-vector attacks are the most difficult to defend against and require layered defenses for successful mitigation. With a 1:1 scrubbing capacity to bandwidth ratio, Neustar can handle today’s largest and most complex attacks.

Powered by People

Our Security Operations Center is fully manned 24/7 by senior-level DDoS mitigation professionals. The Neustar SOC monitors and responds to threats, flexibly changing defenses as attackers probe your network

A Trusted Partner

SiteProtect is backed by the full resources of Neustar, Inc., named by Forbes Magazine one of the Top 25 Fastest-Growing Tech Firms. We offer the stability of a large publicly traded company (NYSE: NSR), a leader in network operations, security and data services.

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