DDoS Mitigation: Protection for Banking and Financial Services


DDoS Attacks: A Growing Threat to Online Finance

Remember Operation Payback, the pro-WikiLeaks cyber-attacks on Bank of America and others? Those attacks in late 2010 were only a taste of things to come. Since then, banks all over the world have seen similar distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on banks, including the 2011 assault that crippled the e-banking services of Holland’s Rabobank.

In fact, according to Forrester Consulting there are over 2,000 DDoS attacks each day, many targeting banks and financial services companies. Attackers seek to knock you offline, preventing your customers from logging in, checking balances and transferring money. Imagine the chaos – and cost – if your website were attacked and went down for even just a few minutes.

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS: There’s a proven, affordable service you can use to protect your websites and critical Internet infrastructure. Make sure you’re up and running even during the largest attacks.

Traditional Security Solutions Are No Longer Enough

Neustar SiteProtect® is a cloud-based DDoS mitigation service with the bandwidth and infrastructure to stop even the most complex attacks. Neustar SiteProtect cleans your traffic in the cloud, away from your infrastructure. By contrast, traditional mitigation solutions – such as expensive investments in perimeter-based hardware or over-provisioned bandwidth – are easily overwhelmed by large-scale assaults.

Stop Numerous Types of DDoS Attacks, Quickly and Affordably

When an attack begins, activate SiteProtect through a quick DNS change or via BGP routing changes. SiteProtect cleans your traffic in our network of scrubbing centers, allowing legitimate traffic to flow to your infrastructure. With dedicated best-in-class equipment from a range of leading vendors, it dynamically distinguishes good traffic from the harmful variety. This multi-vendor approach plays to each technology’s strengths, since most excel at stopping certain kinds of attacks. It also gives us the flexibility to change mitigation strategies more effectively when the bad guys switch methods in the midst of an attack.

With SiteProtect, you don’t have to buy new hardware or hire additional staff to maintain it. There are no hidden fees or overages due to attack size (applies to standard SiteProtect package), so you can protect your business without breaking the bank.

Neustar Offers a Full Set of Products to the Banking and Financial Services Industry

Ensure the availability, performance and security of your websites. Neustar’s cloud-based services are built for reliability and performance.

Your Concern Our Solutions
Stop DDoS Attacks Neustar® SiteProtect
Defend your revenue, customer satisfaction and brand reputation by mitigating DDoS attacks effectively and affordably. Ensure traffic flows to your public websites without interruption.
Enhance Page Load Times For Your Customer Sites and Ensure 100% Availability Neustar® UltraDNS
Increase the availability, speed and security of your websites. Our managed DNS services allow for easy management and propagation of your DNS changes in five minutes or less. In addition, these cloud-based services allow you to deliver customized DNS responses based on where your customers are located, plus easily balance customer traffic among multiple data centers.
Monitor Your Website Performance 24/7 Neustar® Web Performance Management
Manage your Web performance and deliver a superior customer experience. Externally monitor your website to pinpoint issues such as slow page loads, improper page rendering or site outages; identify and solve issues before customers are affected. Load test your site to prepare for traffic spikes, identifying site capacity and barriers to performance.
Geo- Target Your Advertising and Localize Website Content Neustar® IP Intelligence
Serve ads, promotions and rich content based on the customer’s location. Display your site in a visitor’s language and with the national currency. Analyze site traffic by region or city, plus prevent phishing-related account takeovers and click fraud.
Protect Your Confidential Data From Cybercriminals Neustar® Neusentry
Catch dangerous data breaches your current solutions may miss. NeuSentry defends your websites by alerting you to breaches that slip past traditional defenses, enabling you to contain the damage without wasting valuable time. Be notified in real time to signs, symptoms and trace evidence markers that indicate a compromise stemming from malware infections, route hijackings and more.

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