Neustar CustomerComplete


Maintain Data Currency and Accuracy in Real Time

Your customer data is a gold mine in the making. However, keeping that data up to date is critical to realizing its potential. Now you can get instant access to the industry's most authoritative repository of consumer and business information to ensure your data is the most accurate and current.

You Are As Good As Your Data

Transform your customer data into a potent tool with Neustar CustomerCompleteSM. With CustomerComplete, you will access our authoritative data to maintain your data integrity, increase response rates and stop marketing wastage.

CustomerComplete not only verifies the contact information in your customer records — including name, address and phone number — it also appends missing information, such as phone numbers, complete names and secondary address elements.

Build a Solid Data Foundation

Your customers are constantly on the move. With over 123 million consumer and business listings — updated monthly — Neustar has the highest quality consumer and business data available, ensuring you stay connected with your customers and prospects.

CustomerComplete draws on data that you can't find anywhere else. It is compiled through hundreds of data feeds and our unique membership in the US Telecommunications Network. Most of our customers use CustomerComplete on a regular basis to verify and enhance their customer data, ensuring they have a strong data foundation for their marketing communications.

Access Hard-to-Find Data

CustomerComplete gives you access to the names and addresses of people with wireless, VoIP and nonpublic phone information in sub-second speed. Thanks to this hard-to-find data, no one else can keep your customer information as fresh or complete.

Accurately Target New Opportunities

Improve conversion rates, cross-sell and up-sell with On-Demand Scoring from Neustar. With our predictive scores, you can instantly determine which customers in your database are most likely to purchase a certain product or service and be most responsive to a given message, offer, price or promotion.

Our on-demand scores will ensure you focus on your best prospects with the right message, offer and communication channel. Ultimately you'll increase your conversion rates, boost your customer lifetime values and reduce marketing wastage.

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