Neustar Segmentation

Segment highest performing prospects, customers, regions or behaviors.


Neustar Customer Intelligence: Identify, verify and segment customers in real time.

The goal of segmentation is simple: find more customers likely to buy. How you get there, however, is anything but simple – and makes all the difference in the ultimate value you gain.

Neustar Segmentation gets you there by linking authoritative consumer identifiers and demographic data with real-world activities and behavioral attributes. This includes purchase behavior and brand preferences – all tied to people, rather than cookies and based on privacy-by-design principles. Our information is continuously corroborated for real-time currency, covers virtually every household in the U.S. and is augmented with IP-based data. This powerful, real-time predictive analytics platform allows you to develop segmentation strategies with greater confidence and create definitive scores to evaluate your lead generation efforts.

Match Your Business Drivers

Neustar Segmentation can be flexibly applied to achieve your business goals within your marketing framework. You can tailor your segmentation precisely, focusing on the attributes that drive your sales or conversions with our analytics platform and its 232 homogenous elements. You can segment based on demographic, psychographic, behavioral and geolocation drivers. And your segmentation is predictive rather than static, based on real-time data and reliable propensity scores.

Personalize Interactions as They Happen

The cloud-based analytics platform that powers Neustar Segmentation can deliver results in real time. Couple this capability with Neustar Identification and Verification, and you can instantly identify any consumer – unknown prospect or current customer – who makes contact through any channel, verify their identity, and gain the data-driven insights you need to personalize your message, such as specific offers and targeted incentives for high-value consumers.

Incorporate IP Data for Greater Precision

Sharpen your online segmentation with industry- and location-specific IP data. You can segment by industry vertical, business revenues, even specific companies. Location data enables segmentation by region, city, neighborhood, or specific venues. Combine IP with demographic and behavioral data to create hyper-accurate online segmentation and targeting.

Guide Profitable Geographic Decisions

Neustar Segmentation eliminates the guesswork from selecting trade areas and brick-and-mortar locations. Leverage geographic data such as shopping centers locations, expenditure data, demand potential and competitive and co-tenancy landscapes against your own customer data to identify opportunities for growth and optimize product and service mix.

Build Your Bottom Line

Neustar Segmentation infuses unprecedented precision into every aspect of your marketing efforts, from acquisition campaigns to lead scoring to maximizing customer value. And in marketing, greater precision means greater profits.

Commitment to Privacy

Neustar is committed to the responsible use of personal information to help businesses make better decisions and deliver personalized content without sacrificing individual privacy. To accomplish this goal, we have adopted “Privacy by Design” principles, taking personal privacy into consideration throughout the process of designing, building, and delivering information products and services. Neustar cookies do not contain or convey personal information about consumers. For extra protection, Neustar cookies are encrypted. Neustar is an active member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). All users have the ability to opt out of Neustar by visiting or the DAA at

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