Neustar CRM Marketing

Bring offline data online to efficiently reach your customers.

  • Enhance reach to high-value customers
  • Improve upsell and cross-sell
  • Extend reach to your best prospects
  • Invest in media more efficiently

Neustar Activation:
Act on media and customer intelligence to personalize your dialogue.

As a marketer, you value your customer relationships and manage a breadth of information about them. You also know the growing importance of leveraging that information to drive greater precision and impact across your inbound and outbound marketing efforts.With Neustar CRM, you can optimize reach to profitable customers and touch more prospects like them—with a higher degree of efficiency that eliminates wasted impressions and doesn’t violate consumer privacy.

Maximize reach with customers or prospects

By onboarding your offline first-party data (CRM, POS, etc.), you can now extend the various ways you interact with your best customers. Understanding their preferences and personalizing offers enables you to market with precision leading to more up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. You can also extend reach to those prospects that look like your current high value customers to drive reach and scale.

Extend reach by identifying high value prospects

Leveraging what you know about your highest performing customers, marketers can create new, targeted, outbound campaigns by extending reach to the right prospects. See what sub-sets of the U.S. population your targets represent in order to reach those with a higher propensity to convert.

Know your data is in good hands.

Neustar uploads your CRM data quickly and securely. We store and process all data with servers residing in managed Class A co-location facilities, deploying the most stringent security measures for physical and virtual access to the facilities themselves, the systems and the hosted data.

We also are committed to using your data responsibly. See our privacy practices at You can opt out of our CRM services directly at or through our association with the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and the Digital Advertising Alliance. Our membership in these leading associations is a promise to uphold the highest standards of choice and notice to consumers.

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