Audience Targeting Solutions for Display Advertising

Reach Your Target Audience and Move Markets


Target your creative messages and offers by location, industry and/or company with Neustar IP Intelligence

Introducing an iP-intelligent way to reach target audiences, wherever they live, work and play. Neustar iP intelligence (formerly known as Quova) has built an IP audience network that unlocks the potential of iP data, giving you a scalable and accurate solution for your targeted display advertising.

What is an IP Address?

An internet Protocol (IP) address is a numerical label assigned to devices participating in a computer network. the iP address is used as an indicator of geographic location (geo-iP), determining approximately where an internet user is located, useful for search results, geo-fencing, security, fraud detection and marketing.

Reaching Local Audiences is Simple with the Neustar IP Intelligence Solution

IP Intelligence Offers Flexible Ways to Reach Your Local Audience


Small & Medium Businesses: Reach retail and other local businesses such as store chains, restaurants, auto dealerships, restaurants and more.

B-to-B Enterprises: Reach specific companies by name and location.


Reach industries such as retail, banking and finance, health and medical, travel (including transportation and hospitality), restaurants, insurance, colleges and universities and political/ governmental institutions.

@home vs. @work

Understand where people are onboarding the Internet

Geographic: target by country, state, city or metro area.

Technographics: target by various technographic variables like connection speed, connection type, carrier, domain and routing type

An Example of How It Works

Whether you’re an ad agency or a brand, give us your targeting parameters. say you’re a pharmaceutical company targeting a medical facility. We run your target set against our database of approximately 3 billion global iP addresses. from there we create a custom campaign and run the advertising end-to-end, complete with targeting and weekly metrics.

Thanks to proprietary technology and our network geographers – the really smart folks who make sense of all those numbers – we’re able to interpret, categorize, verify and catalog iP addresses accurately and in real time. the result: an intelligent online advertising campaign to your target audience.

Neustar can build custom iP analytics reporting on the location of a user and where he/she comes from – a college campus, business, hotel, airport or conference center, you name it. armed with better intelligence, you can make smarter business decisions.

Privacy is Paramount

IP targeting lets you reach scalable and targeted audiences without using cookies or tracking individual behaviors or usage patterns. the iP address does not contain personally identifiable information (Pii). it’s an anonymous way to aggregate the audiences you need, like students on a college campus, small businesses or employees of a large enterprise.


Neustar’s iP audience targeting is a custom solution. Pricing is determined after we assess your iP targeting parameters and advertising goals.

A Fresh Approach to Targeting with IP Intelligence

For over a decade, we’ve been a leading provider of iP geolocation intelligence. now you can use our solutions to reach your targets locally across the internet – by geographical area, business size, category and enterprise name, tapping key communities like business, travel, colleges, medical and political. you’ll advertise more efficiently, reducing wasted effort.

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