Neustar AdAdvisor Audiences Reference Guide

Understanding Neustar AdAdvisor Audiences

Online advertising campaigns often rely solely on consumer demographic information to define an audience. However, successful campaigns use additional data to precisely identify a particular audience.

Neustar AdAdvisor Audiences® help marketers go beyond mere demographics — and provides the most trusted offline data source for portable, cross platform online targeting.

Our Insights

AdAdvisor Audiences are derived from our real time consumer insight engine that is fueled by the most authoritative consumer information available. AdAdvisor Audiences combines our proprietary analytics platform with the Neustar core data assets using a direct delivery network.

This makes AdAdvisor unique in being able to match display ads across devices in a seamless, targeted way with the highest quality of online audience profiles in the industry.

In Practice

Neustar partners utilize AdAdvisor Audiences to harness the breadth and depth of offline attributes to identify groups of US households likely to exhibit a particular characteristic, interest or attribute. For example, if you are looking to reach “Households More Likely to Own a BMW Vehicle”, AdAdvisor can identify the audience that represents the consumers most likely to exhibit this specific behavior of owning a BMW. Based on this data, a clear, concise and specific RFP response can be prepared for the appropriate vendors for a scalable, successful and efficient online ad buy.

AdAdvisor Audience Data

AdAdvisor Audiences in Action

To aid in implementing AdAdvisor Audiences, the solution comes with access to a web-based Audience Planner tool within the PlatformOne interface to allow precise campaign planning through audience discovery. The audience planner draws from our comprehensive offline data insights and allows audiences to be built based on specific objectives. As a result, you can use the insights to:

  • Reach a target audience
  • Launch a competitive conquesting campaign
  • Analyze the behaviors behind audience composition, or custom audience targeting

When building an audience, users can overlay a wide range of attributes, including brand preferences, product affinities, and psychographic and demographic variables. Once audiences have been created, they can be saved and shared with a preferred media platform (we have over 50 partnerships) to launch an online campaign.

AdAdvisor Audience Intelligence

Reference Guide Key

  1. Number of offline US households associated with the audience and reach by platform
  2. Demographic Descriptors
    Age Average age of head of household
    Income Average income of household
    Home Ownership Percentage of households that own their primary residence
    Children Percentage of households that have children under the age of 18
    Married Percentage of households with married occupants
    Urbanicity The population density of the area that the households in the audience reside in (R) Rural, (C) City, (S) Suburban,(U) Urban, (UC) Urban-Core
    Cost of Living Percentage of households located in a high to low cost of living area (Lowest cost of living equals 0% Highest cost of living equals 100%)
  3. Index or likelihood of an audience to exhibit a particular behavior as compared to the national average (a value of 1 represents average)
  4. Audience Size (Slider Bar) Select the audience size and the associated index

AdAdvisor Reference Guide

AdAdvisor partners can access a variety of pre-built audience groups for popular targeting criteria and below is a summary of those currently available. Each pre-defined audience group allows you to target a portion of the US population that indexes high for a particular behavior, characteristic, opinion or brand preference. For instance, “Automotive — Vehicle Make — BMW” identifies households that are most likely to own a BMW.

Available Audience Groups Include:

  • Automotive
  • Beauty Products
  • Beverages
  • Demographics
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Grocery
  • Healthcare Products
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Home Improvement
  • Household Products
  • Life Events
  • Personal Care
  • Personal Financing
  • Pets
  • Presences of Children
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Style & Fashion
  • Technology & Computing
  • Travel

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