Audience Extension: Powered By Neustar AdAdvisor



Using your own customer data, take your audience targeting to the next level with Audience Extension powered by Neustar dAdvisor®. AdAdvisor Audiences connect to a vast repository of offline, household-level demographic, geographic and psychographic data, placing similarly behaving households into anonymous "micro segments" called Elements. Elements are based on verified demographics, interests, lifestyles and purchase behaviors and are made available online, in real-time in a privacy-friendly manner through AdAdvisor-enabled partners such as DSPs, Publishers, Ad Networks, and Exchanges.

Through Audience Extension an advertiser can provide their customer data to Neustar to create a custom AdAdvisor Audience Group identifying the highest indexing Elements representing the households from the customer data for online campaign targeting. Now, you can accurately reach the audience that looks most like your most receptive customers online through your media partners that are integrated with AdAdvisor.

Audience Extension Process

Audience Extension allows you to leverage the knowledge of your current customers to understand what sub-set of the US Household population they belong to through AdAdvisor Elements and target media to find more of them online.


Audience Extension Helps Key Industry Sectors


Education Sector

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  • A higher learning institution wants to target potential applicants that are likely to become successful students for the upcoming semester across varying types of degrees including Business, Nursing, and Criminal Justice.
  • The higher learning institution provides their customer data to Neustar via a secure FTP site. The customer data represents students who successfully graduated segmented by each type of degree.
  • Neustar delivers a custom AdAdvisor Audience Group that includes elements representing US households likely to enroll in the higher learning institution and graduate.
Actionable Insights:
  • The institution can now target their custom AdAdvisor Audience Group through any of their media partners who are directly integrated with AdAdvisor data.

Retail Sector

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  • A retail chain store analyzes their sales data and sees that consumers who shop in their brick and mortar stores spend three times more than consumers who purchase on their e-commerce site. The retail chain store would like to gain perspective on their most valuable in-store customers to increase in-store visits and purchasers.
  • The retail chain store provides Neustar with their customer data for highest in-store spenders.
  • Neustar delivers the retail chain store with a custom AdAdvisor Audience Group that includes elements representing US households likely to spend three times more on purchases made in-store.
Actionable Insights:
  • In addition to existing re-targeting efforts from their e-commerce site, the retailer can now target their custom Audience Extension Group through any of their media partners who are directly integrated with AdAdvisor data.

Neustar Security and Controls

Neustar provides a secure and easy four-step process to activate Audience Extension with AdAdvisor Elements for your own customer data.

  1. Neustar provides secure FTP credentials for the customer data file to be uploaded
  2. Client uploads the file to the secure FTP server
  3. Neustar downloads and processes the customer data file to analyze against AdAdvisor Audiences
  4. Neustar sends an email containing the custom AdAdvisor Audience Group within three — five business days

Data security is our highest priority. All data storage and processing is performed by Neustar servers residing in managed Class-A co-location data center facilities that deploy the most stringent security measures for physical and virtual access to these facilities, the systems and data hosted.

Neustar and AdAdvisor Privacy Practices

Neustar is committed to ensuring that consumer data is stored, managed, and used responsibly. We provide consumers with information on the AdAdvisor privacy practices at Consumers can opt out of the AdAdvisor service directly from, or through our association with the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) at and the Digital Advertising Alliance at Our membership with these leading industry self-regulatory associations binds us to upholding the highest standards of choice and notice to consumers.


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