Neustar Activation

Act on media and customer intelligence to personalize your dialogue.

  • Unmatched data quality from hundreds of sources continuously updated
  • Accurately target audiences based on verified offline behavior
  • Leverage offline customer information to message more precisely
  • Customize or personalize website offers in real time

Transform marketing data into campaigns that drive sales.

Data is great but action is better. Consider these questions:

  • Can you turn your CRM data into action that drive sales — and then scale it?
  • Can your website identify a customer and serve them a relevant offer?
  • Is your dialogue with customers personalized... or robotic?

Neustar Activation makes it easy. We translate media and customer intelligence into powerful, personalized marketing strategies across every channel to drive revenue.

Neustar Media Intelligence and Customer Intelligence solutions enable a personalized dialogue—all through a centralized marketing solution. Linking up-to-date and authoritative customer information (phone number, address, email address, more) with online media and audience information enables marketers to create more effective, efficient and tailored campaigns regardless of where they run.

Neustar Audiences

  • Accurately target key segments based on verified offline behavior
  • Fine-tune messaging based on customers with the highest propensity to convert
  • Create custom audiences to target highest indexing customers or prospects

Neustar CRM

  • Leverage your most valuable customer information across your inbound and outbound marketing efforts
  • Syndicate high performing audience segments to media buying platforms for increased reach
  • Extend reach to customers, prospects or lookalikes with enhanced customer intelligence

Neustar Website

  • Real-time customization of website messaging
  • Segment announced and unannounced website visitors
  • Create targeting strategies based upon pre-built or custom segments

What Makes Neustar Better?

Neutrality — Deliver the gold standard for accurate, real-time customer and media intelligence, across all data and media.

Offline and Online Identification — Ensure increased match rates, expanded footprint and a complete view of your customer.

Syndication, Scalability and Reach — Identify linkages across major media partners to distribute audiences and execute on targeting tactics.

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