Registrar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the benefits of becoming a Neustar Registrar?

A Neustar Registrar has access to all the resources you need to prepare to sell the TLDs we offer, including documentation and toolkits, technical support, advance notice of upcoming products and marketing materials. These resources include co-marketing and joint PR opportunities and online account management.

How do I become a Registrar?

The process for becoming a Registrar varies from TLD to TLD, but in general an applicant will need to sign an agreement with the Registry and complete the following:

  • Registrar Information Package
  • Financial Qualification
  • Technical Certification
  • Business Requirements

For gTLDs administered by ICANN, applicants must first become accredited through ICANN. To get more information on becoming a Neustar Registrar, please contact the Neustar Registrar Relations Team at

What is the Neustar Registrar Extranet?

The Neustar Registrar Extranet is Neustar’s premier web site for organizations that offer our TLDs and services. The web site provides Registrars with information on our products and services as well as events, marketing resources and certification program information.