New TLD Customer Spotlight: .club

Exclusive Q&A with .club CMO


Neustar recently spoke with Jeff Sass, CMO of .club – the #1 selling new top-level domain (TLD) to date.

Read the Q&A below to learn why thousands of organizations are choosing .club, how the TLD is spreading the word (with the help of rapper 50 Cent and others), what the future holds for the .club future, and finally, how you can join the .club movement today.

1. What are the benefits of .club?

The underlying benefit of a .club domain name is that the word "club" actually means something. As a result, when you add .club to the end of just about any word, it represents community and people coming together around a common interest or passion. For this reason, .club is a great name for any business with a membership, subscription, loyalty or reward program.

There are millions of existing clubs and organizations that can benefit from a .club name, from golf and country clubs, to school clubs, social clubs, health and fitness clubs, and on and on. We expect that these highly relevant .club sites will be much easier to find on the Internet, as their domain name will now have meaning on both sides of the dot.

2. What sets .club apart from other new TLDs?

There were three main attributes to "Club" that attracted us to invest in the name, and we believe that having all three helps make .club unique. One, it is short - 4 characters - and easy to remember. Two, it means something - add club as an extension to any word or words and it actually makes sense and represents a community around something. Three, it has true global appeal - the word Club, C L U B, is spelled the same and means the same thing all over the world, even in China and Japan.

Not only do we think .club is unique as a domain extension, we also feel that .club Domains is fairly unique as a Registry. Unlike many participants in the new gTLD program, we only applied for one name - CLUB. It is the only domain we have in our Registry, our only focus. As a company, we raised $8.2 million just for the acquisition and marketing of the .club extension. This gives us the ability to stay focused, and to market .club in ways a larger registry might not do for each and every one of their names. Focus is our secret weapon.

3. How are you getting the word out about .club? Can you provide examples of new programs or activities you’ve launched?

Well, one of the more exciting things we've done is to announce a partnership with the award-winning rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent. On May 22nd, he launched a new fan site, This is a great fit, because not only is it a great example of using .club for a fan club type website, but 50 Cent of course has the hit song, "In Da Club." It’s no wonder he chose to use for the new site. Working with 50 Cent and launching introduces the .club domain name to millions of people in a way that makes sense and demonstrates a natural use case for the domain.

In addition to getting the word out to the general public through mainstream partners, we also work very closely with our registrar partners to help them get .club in front of their customers. We've done billboards and outdoor advertising (taxi's and buses), print ads and even some TV ads in cooperation with registrars such as GoDaddy, 1and1, 123Reg,, and others. We also do our best to provide our registrar partners with logos, ad banners and other digital assets to make it easy for them to promote .club on their own websites and social channels. Speaking of social, since so many clubs and groups are active in social media we've found it to be a great platform to raise awareness of .club.

4. In addition to 50 Cent, who else is using .club?

One of the most exciting things since launching is seeing all the different types of .club websites appearing. It is great because we are seeing sites pop up representing a wide range of business types across the entire world. Some early example are:

  • - Superstar singer and actress Demi Lovato has launched her new exclusive fan club at lovato.clubThe announcement was made in a YouTube video that has already gone viral with over 300,000 views. 
  • – The online hub for shavers everywhere, supplies members with discounts on luxury shaving products and services, from razors and brushes to shave soaps and creams.
  • – A travel discount club, My Best Travel Club offers members the “best travel deals anywhere.” Their .club website is a hub for members to access the latest deals and learn more about the club’s compensation plan.
  • – Crackers Comedy Clubs, based in Indianapolis, uses its .club website to promote shows, book tickets, and announce showtimes and performers like HBO’s Carlos Mencia and BET’s Levell Crawford.
  • – Kenyan company, gives members the luxury of paying their bills from their mobile phone. With just three simple steps on, customers can join the club and start automating their bill paying in seconds.
  • - Ashley Bridget, a fashion forward accessories designer in New York City, redirects her easy-to-remember to her Facebook fan club page of more than 300,000 followers.

5. What’s next for .club?

Now that we are "live" and anyone can get a great .club name on a first come, first served basis, our goal is to help foster the launch of .club sites across all the different verticals that .club appeals to - clubs and organizations, businesses and brands with loyalty and reward programs, online groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, sports teams, golf, tennis, country and yacht clubs, fan clubs, hobbyists and many more. Equally important is expanding our global reach and focusing on growing our .club business outside the U.S. Over the coming months we’ll focus on expanding .club's reach in numerous foreign countries.

We’re off to a great start having sold over 44,000 domains in our first week landing us as the #3 most registered new TLD. Now .club leads the way with more than 60,000, making us the #1 most registered new TLD.

Our short term goal is to sustain our #1 position and continue to increase our market share. Longer term, our focus will be to truly establish .club as a global brand and achieve five million domains sold in 5 years.

6. How can registrars/resellers get involved with .club?

Easy. Just visit and fill out our contact form, or simply email Plus, with Neustar as our backend, the onboarding process is fast and easy. So what are you waiting for?

7. How can registrars/resellers sell more .club names?

The registrars who are currently most successful with .club are those who give .club prominent placement on their websites and take advantage of the assets we make available to them. Targeted email marketing has also been effective, with many registrars reaching out to their customers who expressed interest in .club as well as customers who they know have clubs or similar groups, or who have previously purchased a domain name with the word "Club" to the left of the dot. Also making it easy to find .club in the Spinner when someone searches for a new domain name on the registrar site.

It’s safe to say that .club and all its members are here to stay. Don’t get left out – join the .club now. For more on .club, visit or follow .club on Twitter at @getDotClub.

Neustar is proud to provide Registry Services to the .club domain name, one of more than 300 new top-level domain name customers. Learn more about Neustar’s Registry Services.