Procurement Vendor Portal

Welcome to the Neustar Procurement Vendor Portal. You will find information here designed specifically for current and prospective Neustar vendors.  The documents and links contained here provide all information necessary to become a new vendor and maintain that relationship.

Contractor Directions For Uploading Your Picture To Neunet

As part of the contractor onboarding process, if you have access please ensure that you have uploaded your profile picture on Neunet, our company Intranet, by following these directions:

  1. Visit Neunet at
  2. Click the ”Sign in to Neunet” button in the top left.
  3. Sign in with your Neustar credentials
  4. After signing in, mouse over the welcome message and picture icon. This is the same area where the “Sign in to Neunet” button was previously
  5. A menu will appear. Click “Profile Settings”
  6. Under the Edit tab, scroll to the Picture section
  7. Upload your picture using the “Choose File” button and follow the prompts
    • Note: you will not be able to preview your picture. Once you select to upload, it will appear immediately as your profile picture.
    • You can delete it and upload a new picture whenever you desire.

You can only apply to become a vendor if invited by Neustar.  You cannot simply complete the new vendor forms without a Neustar sponsor interested in the specific products or services you provide.

To become a new vendor at Neustar: New Vendor Registration


As an existing vendor, you have already been informed whether your product offering will be pro


cessed as a “product” or “service”.  Most “services” are generally timesheet or milestone based and all other purchases are generally processed as “products”.  If you have any question as to which process to use, please contact procurement at

The following are links to pertinent information, forms, and processes based on your classification as a “Product” or “Service” provider.

Product* Vendors

Services* Vendors

Function Description Function Description
Products Overview General overview of the procurement process at Neustar for products Services Overview General overview of the procurement process at Neustar for services
Product Forms List of forms commonly used when providing products to Neustar Standard Services Vendor Process required for a standard services vendor managed by third-party
Submit an Invoice Information and links on how to submit an invoice Preferred Services Vendor Information on how to become a Preferred Services Vendor
Product Training Coming soon – online training for vendors Services Vendor Portal Information and links including entry of timesheets, expenses, progress logs, submit invoices
Product FAQs Frequently asked questions and responses for product vendors Services FAQs Frequently asked questions and responses for services vendors

* - The classification of “Product” or “Services” will be provided when the vendor is approved by Procurement.