We combine marketing, customer identity, and data to offer you unique insights

Thanks to our unique background, we can draw experts from customer identity, marketing strategy, and data analytics to help you make the most of the customer data you already have. Expensive segmentation studies can end up as expensive presentations without a clear engagement plan to put those insights into action—and we can give you that. On average, our consultants have 20+ years of experience helping clients get more out of their marketing investments.

Customer Targeting Analysis (CTA)

To run a successful business, you have to understand your customers: who they are, where they are, what they need, and how they behave. CTA does that and more, identifying your most valuable customers, locating them online and offline, precision-targeting them, and measuring how your marketing reaches them.

Digital Targeting Analysis (DTA)

DTA tells you what’s important to your most valuable customers—and what motivates them to visit your website, mobile site, or app. DTA helps you understand what content will resonate with your key digital prospects and customers online.

Segmentation Alignment and Activation (SAA)

SAA lets you unlock the power of your existing behavioral or attitudinally based segmentation schema. Finely target your most profitable customers through different marketing activations. Measure your customer base by segment, project them into acquisition campaigns, and locate them for direct mail or a programmatic display campaign.

Segmentation Engagement Plan (SEP)

With SEP, use your segmentation analysis to develop tactics for converting more prospects into customers. Where other marketing agencies stop with segmentation schema delivery, we help you discover what’s possible for your business, and then put your plan into action.

Website Personalization and Measurement (WPM)

Find out who’s coming to your site—even if they’re browsing anonymously—and then convert them. With WPM, we can serve up personalized content based on visitors’ interests, income, age, lifestyle, family, location, etc. We’ll maximize the value of each lead, determining the optimal mix of factors to prompt conversion for each segment, putting a test plan in motion, and measuring its performance.

Site Comparison Analysis (SCA)

SCA can tell you why one physical location performs better than another. By giving you an analysis of the competition and the demographics of the consumers who live there, we can help you boost performance and mitigate loss.

Closed Loop Measurement (CLM)

Determine the true ROI of your digital marketing buy—even when the purchase happens offline. By using a unique key for your ads, we can marry your customers’ online behavior with activation, whether it happens online or offline. Let us help you close the loop and help you understand the precise ROI of your digital ad spend across all channels.

Multi-touch Attribution (MTA)

MTA can tell you which digital touch-points helped convert prospects to customers. We go beyond last-click attribution to identify all the digital artifacts that led up to a conversion, from digital display to search and social programs and site content. By giving credit to each one, MTA enables you to measure its specific impact.

Media Mix Modeling (MMM)

Examine all your media—TV, print, radio, and other non-digital media that can be difficult to track—to determine the mix that drives the most conversions. At Neustar, we don’t buy or sell media, so we can give you unbiased guidance about which media buys will make the biggest difference for your business.

Media Performance Analysis (MPA)

Compare media buys programmatically, determine how many impressions you’re getting per provider, and see how those impressions are performing across your most profitable segments. We’ll follow that up with recommendations on how to drive better ROI on your media spend.

Advanced Frequency Analysis (AFA)

Find out how many times you should show an ad to your target customer without giving them “ad blindness.” With AFA, you’ll see how many times a day you’re serving up impressions to your customers, so that you’re not paying for diminishing returns when the ad is no longer serving its purpose.


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