Data Onboarding

Break the silos and open your rich customer data set to every marketing channel, both online and offline. Verified and corroborated against authoritative sources of consumer identity for the industry’s highest accuracy and match rates.

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Data Matching and Management

Audience segmentation, data syndication, and closed-loop measurement – all within a centralized platform.

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Audience Discovery

You’ve got the data, let us help you make the connections. Find your best audiences by understanding the customer journey.

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Audience Planning

Now that you’ve found your ideal audience, we’ll help you plan how best to reach them, while maintaining optimal reach, frequency and channel spend for the smartest media investments.

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Audience Extension

Don’t use broad, commoditized syndicated data that fails to map to real-world audiences. Build custom audiences based on 15,000 real-world demographic, psychographic, and behavioral attributes to activate across any channel.

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Customer Intelligence

Consumer data is constantly changing. As customers move, change phone numbers and email addresses, or simply slip through the cracks of your CRM altogether, you’re continually at risk of having inaccurate, out-of-date data on your customers and prospects.

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Client Success

CBR + Segmentation and Planning

Better segmentation means a faster-flowing pipeline. See how CBR increased conversions “by multiples of ten.”

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Winner: Best DMP

Everyone wants to offer a personalized customer experience. With Neustar PlatformOne, achieve it with a consistent view of customers at every touch point.

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