Neustar UltraDNS

A major international airline boosted online ticket sales 200%. How? With localized website content, based on geolocation intelligence. The airline knew every visitor’s geographic location, enabling customized (and more impactful) offers. But stratospheric improvements aren’t just for airlines. See how to get results by downloading the whitepaper to see what you can do with:

  • More Relevant Display Ads
    Learn how to drive website traffic by getting the right messages to the right markets.
  • The Right Products and Offers
    See how to customize offers. For example, you could show bathing suits to Web visitors in Miami and umbrellas to people in Seattle, plus tailor pricing by location.
  • The Right Language and Currency
    Your Web traffic is global, so make sure someone in Dusseldorf sees pages in German and prices in Euros.
  • Visuals That Work Harder
    Show pictures relevant to your visitors’ locations. Geo-specific images say you know your audience. Watch them respond.