Know who’s behind each inbound request. Segment your best customers.

Neustar Customer Identification gives you complete information as soon as consumers make contact – even if they just moved, changed their phone number or aren’t in your CRM. Our authoritative data sets are continuously updated for scale and currency. Understand and segment customers with predictive analytics: a rich mix of demographics, IP data, behavioral attributes and real-world activities, including purchase behavior and brand preferences. Zero in on top-shelf customers in real time.


Gain actionable insights from real-time data.

Measure campaign performance across all channels, including Facebook, and effectively allocate dollars to increase reach and drive sales. Measure performance of exposed versus unexposed audiences to media, plus attribute actual leads or sales conversions to exposed campaign audiences. Connect customer touch points, understand online influence on both web and offline sales.


Block DDoS attacks, including smokescreens for malware.

DDoS attacks are coming harder and faster than ever. Choose from Neustar’s on-demand, always-on or hybrid DDoS protection. Block the largest attacks quickly, stay online and protect your brand. With DDoS increasingly used to smokescreen malware and virus insertion, rely on proven protection so you can remain alert for attempted data theft.


Optimize network operations.

Improve order processing, provisioning flows, network routing, service delivery and fulfillment services— for all voice, video and IP communications. Neustar makes it all happen with integrated, automated telecom order management solutions. Plus route customers to the right locations by knowing where they are and where to direct them in real-time—whether you’re routing 800-number callers or providing locations over the phone or on the Web.

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