Certified ID: Restoring Trust Through Caller ID Verification

Certified ID is an enhanced service in caller identification based on a set of developing industry standards. It employs a cryptographic signature to protect the integrity of information currently used to identify an originator of a phone call and integrates calling name and other associated data to signify that the delivered Caller ID information of that call can be trusted.

Problems That Certified ID Helps to Solve

Call Spoofing. The growing prevalence of IP networks has given rise to numerous fraudulent practices, including spoofing. Specifically, bad actors can spoof a call to include a fully legitimate number, and in turn, use the implicit trust in Caller ID to defraud the called party.

Robocalling. Automated calls placed by a machine rather than a human being, otherwise known as robocalls, are believed to account for one-third (35%) of all calls made in the U.S. When combined with illegitimate spoofing, robocalling can lead to phone crimes on a massive scale.

Neustar Trust Lab: Facilitating Collaboration with Industry Partners

The Trust Lab is a Neustar initiative that was launched to help address illegitimate spoofing and robocalling. It was built to specifically enhance collaboration with other industry partners to develop expertise in—and accelerate commercial adoption of—solutions that better address this recognized industry problem.

Benefits of Participating in the Trust Lab

The Trust Lab offers interested parties in the telecommunications industry the opportunity to test a set of emerging capabilities designed to combat undesirable spoofing and robocalling. Certified ID Lab participants will:

  1. Take part in a fast prototyping and delivery test environment
  2. Verify technical implementations based on the relevant industry standards
  3. Work with Neustar experts who regularly collaborate to help define the relevant industry standards
  4. Uncover and address new industry use cases, edge cases, and interoperability challenges
  5. Discover new industry partnership opportunities

How to Participate in the Trust Lab

At your request through the form, a Neustar representative will contact you to answer any questions about participating in the Lab. If you intend on participating, a copy of the Neustar Trust Lab Getting Started Guide will be shared with you. This guide presents an overview of lab capabilities, including the Authentication and Verification Services defined by the Authenticated Identity Management in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Persona Assertion Token Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) draft documents. The Getting Started Guide also provides relevant connectivity information, application interface details and a summary of supported test scenarios.