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Business Objective

White Springs is a leader in the embedded learning and sales enablement software market. Its solutions help sales transformation and training companies provide comprehensive and integrated technical solutions for all of their customer-facing applications.

Working closely with sales training authors [STA], White Springs’ software ‘mirrors’ an STA’s IP, so their sales transformation training tools, methodology and content can be embedded into any CRM or online sales tool on a PC, Mac desktop or mobile platform. This process underpins and improves training results by providing the trainee with a continuous experience by using the applications in the real world.

White Springs has around 100,000 users based all around the globe, and its software must be available 24/7. Any user issues are reported to the STA, then to White Springs.

“We needed an authoritative way to reassure our customers we are available to help and if they are notifed of an end user issue, we can quickly identify where the problem lies,” says Darren Higgins, Infrastructure Manager at White Springs.


White Springs uses Neustar’s Web Performance Management solutions for exception reporting. Neustar regularly pings White Springs’ systems to check whether customer applications are working correctly.

The impressive statistics are given to customers to illustrate the robust nature of White Springs, and to show there is no unscheduled downtime.

Finally, if a user is unable to access a White Springs’ application, Neustar exception reporting provides White Springs with the metrics to aid swift analysis and problem resolution.

“It is important we have a reputable and neutral authority which can monitor and report on our performance. This means we can provide transparency to our customers, being confident of when an issue isn’t generated by our applications but being able to promptly rectify if it is,” Higgins said.


White Springs’ ability to embed and integrate sales training authors’ methodology software into CRM applications helps sales transformation companies drive client value, maximize client retention, and increase revenue streams by underpinning the methodology training with technology.

Part of this value is 24/7 availability and guarantee of robustness and transparent reporting. Neustar enables White Springs to deliver on this technology promise helping to make them the technology partner of choice of technology partner when investing in sales training tools.

“Our ISP offers metrics illustrating our performance but Neustar, being neutral, are a more trusted authority and provide more comprehensive information. Additionally, the Neustar account managers are really helpful and good at what they do. I would readily recommend them,” Higgins added.

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