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The Entertainer is a multi-award winning global omnichannel toy retailer, celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2016. It is currently the largest independent toy retailer in the UK, and is growing at an average of one new store per month. In 2014, it opened stores in Pakistan and Azerbaijan, and in 2015, opened its 100th UK store.

Founded in 1981, The Entertainer was an immediate success among parents, children and fun enthusiasts. The company quickly gained a devoted clientele, and in 1999, successfully opened their 25th store while launching their online store. The name ‘The Entertainer’ was originally chosen so more than just toys could be sold under the brand. However, when it came to choosing a domain name, was simply the best for an online toy store. As this resulted in the company having two different names, it turned to its web hosting provider for DNS services so all domain name queries would be driven to a single website.


Over the next ten years, as its online presence and sales grew, the company needed a more robust, secure and reliable DNS service. It turned to Neustar as a DNS specialist with a tried and tested solution, Neustar UltraDNS.

“Our website gives us a global presence and accounts for 20 percent of sales. Website availability is very important to our customers, and that is why we need a very reliable DNS service to ensure that Internet traffic flows smoothly and all look-ups work when customers and potential customers search for us online,” explains Ian Pulsford, Head of IT Services at The Entertainer.

Neustar UltraDNS is supported by a highly redundant network with 30 nodes across six continents, which makes it extremely scalable for businesses growing globally such as The Entertainer. In addition, Neustar manages and maintains its own dedicated query resolver platform, which is less vulnerable to hijacking, spoofing and viruses because it is a non-open source platform.


In the toy industry, when drive for demand is heightened during certain times of the year, website scalability is a must. Since The Entertainer’s website,, makes half of their profits in the final eight weeks of the year, proper DNS management and website availability are crucially important to their success. Or as plainly stated by Pulsford, “DNS is too important not to do it right.”

“Whatever the time of year and whenever there is a spike in traffic, is always online and available to our customers. The navigation through the website is smooth and search queries to either The Entertainer or TheToyShop get routed to the correct place. As Head of IT services, not having to worry about our DNS is a weight off my mind.” Pulsford concluded.

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