Client Stories

Rocket Fuel Inc. — the company bringing rocket science to display advertising — runs, manages and optimizes digital campaigns based on an advertiser’s desired objectives. Many brand advertisers have been slow to increase ad spend online; because they have faced challenges in precisely reaching their target audiences at scale and driving accountability based on their brand and audience metrics. Rocket Fuel and Neustar Information Services have teamed up to deliver success for digital advertisers at every phase of the consumer purchase cycle — from building awareness through increased consideration, to stimulating purchase, to maximizing sales and loyalty.

For a leading Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) client, Rocket Fuel leveraged Neustar AdAdvisor audience targeting solution to target millions of users and help drive top of mind awareness for their brand online — all while capturing measurable results for increased brand association.“We knew we had to reach the right users within the target audience, measure brand impact, and scale the campaign against users most influenced by the brand. AdAdvisor delivered the key audience targets for this campaign to help drive awareness and engagement for the CPG brand online,” said Eshwar Belani, VP of Products and Business Development at Rocket Fuel.

Find Ideal Prospects Online

By partnering with Neustar AdAdvisor, Rocket Fuel accurately identified their client’s ideal prospects as being purposeful women between the ages of 35-54. “By progressively optimizing against the right users within this portion of the US population, we increased the efficiency of the media spend and experienced a lift of over 7% for unaided brand awareness for the 8 week campaign,” said Belani. “No other initiative could offer these results in real-time with such effectiveness.”

Through an offline segmentation and verification methodology, AdAdvisor was able to provide additional insights on the audience reached as part of the campaign. AdAdvisor offers the ability to target consumers using a variety of offline data sources with verified demographic and behavior propensity information. With AdAdvisor, advertisers no longer need to rely on inferred information based on an individual’s online browsing behavior. For Rocket Fuel’s client, this method guaranteed that the data provided by AdAdvisor was of high quality and scalable across large pools of inventory. AdAdvisor also facilitated the use of offline insights in a privacy-friendly manner for accurate targeting.

Rocket Fuel was able to reach the target audience with high precision while progressively optimizing the campaign in real-time. The result was a decrease in the cost of brand engagement by over 53%, a lift of over 7% for unaided brand awareness, and a boost in confidence for the advertiser who ultimately decided to increase their media spend from traditional media to online media.

Brand Impact Results

Campaign results, audience insights and survey results reveal that implementing Neustar AdAdvisor data along with Rocket Fuel’s campaign methodology pushed the advertiser’s brand ahead of the competition (see in chart below).

  Client's Brand Competing Brand 1 Competing Brand 2 Competing Brand 3
Control 40.16% 29.38% 10.51% 9.70%
Exposed 43.00% 29.40% 7.70% 7.83%
Lift 7.08% 0.06% -26.73% -19.30%

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