Client Stories

Purplebricks is the fastest growing estate agency in the UK. By combining people with technology, Purplebricks empowers customers by giving them complete control of their sale. Customers can interact with Purplebricks online - through their computer or mobile phone - or in-person, with Local Property Experts and via a team of Central Property Experts based at its head office in Solihull. Purplebricks’ multichannel 24/7 business model offers transparency and convenience, saving their customers money.

“Offering great customer service is at the heart of our business and we really care about the feedback we get from our customers,” says David Kavanagh, CTO at Purplebricks. ”We need to ensure customers can always access our website, 24/7. That means preventing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that might take us offline and also having a top notch domain name system (DNS) service to ensure our web presence and guarantee a smooth navigation experience for users.”

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