Client Stories

Customer Challenge: Why Aren’t Customers Buying this Service?

A regional communications provider wanted to increase the customer take rate of an add-on service that was suffering from frustratingly low sales volumes. Even though the customers that purchased this service were highly satisfied, it was highly rated by analysts and competitors were working on like offerings — the client could not get customers to purchase it. The client wanted answers on the apparent disconnect between what they believed to be a truly game-changing product and disappointing sales.

Why Neustar: Find Success through Demographic Information, Behavioral Data and Predictive Modeling

The provider already had integrated other Neustar data intelligence services, including Neustar ElementOne®, to assist with geographically targeting customers and gathering competitive market share information. ElementOne combines Neustar’s unrivaled, proprietary data with internally collected customer information to deliver the highest match rates possible for maximum reach, predictive continuity and performance. Our client trusted Neustar to take this data to the next level by also providing professional services to help craft highly targeted messaging in conjunction with custom content for diverse user experiences.

The Solution: The Right Customer. The Right Offer. The Right Time.

Neustar professionals worked with the client to develop messaging that targeted the customer by segment, as defined by ElementOne, and by customer interaction type. Neustar’s web content optimization service, Neustar PageAdvisor, provided the opportunity for custom web page content based on various customer attributes. Finally, warm leads were targeted with Second ApproachSM, a CRM tool that builds upon interest points and/or behavioral triggers.

The Result: It’s the Message AND the Medium

Neustar provided the big picture: what their targeted customers truly wanted, how to reach them and what to say to them to ultimately boost sales. Sales are increasing markedly via a strategic, measurable roll-out that focuses on an improved user experience along with highly relevant messaging. Neustar data analytics continue to identify opportunities that may attract favorable attention from customers and best tempt them with additional products that are complimentary to previously purchased core services.

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