Client Stories

Catalina Labs’ mission is both ambitious and necessary: “humanizing the way people communicate with technology.” As the first step in delivering on that promise, Catalina Labs developed Wixi, a solution designed to improve upon the in-home WiFi experience.

Wixi empowers users to take control of their home network by allowing them to scan their WiFi network and connected devices to identify and resolve WiFi connectivity problems. By removing the need to call the Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) support team, Wixi provides immediate assistance to users who are looking to troubleshoot typical broadband problems while also alerting the ISP to connectivity issues in certain areas.

In order to maximize the benefit from Wixi, contextual awareness is key. Wixi takes many factors into consideration when providing recommendations, of which many require awareness of the location of the consumer.

“Trust and user privacy is paramount to us,” said Rahul Belur, Data Scientist at Catalina Labs. “ It’s important that our customers trust us to deliver a solution that’s capable of working while simultaneously safeguarding their privacy. “

After initially using an IP geolocation provider whose location information was inconsistent and inaccurate, Belur knew it was time for a change. “We need Wixi to work flawlessly in more than 150 countries. So when users were assigned geo locations that were states away from where they actually were, we knew it was time to find a newer, more accurate solution.”

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