Client Stories

“We generate almost all of our revenue online,” says the website manager for this unnamed, large ecommerce company. “So when we got hammered by DDoS attacks over a six-month period, we had to fix the problem fast.”

“We scrambled to find a solution—but none of them worked for long.”

The crisis began with threatening emails from someone named Blackbeard. “This person claimed to be part of the Black Hat community,” says the website manager. “He said they were planning to target us and publish our customer information. Without asking for money directly, he asked us to contact him to ‘help prevent attacks.’”

This company refuses to negotiate with criminals. And so the attacks began.

Like many multi-tasking IT professionals, this manager had heard about DDoS attacks but hadn’t given them much thought. “After some quick research, we found a low-end DDoS protection service that worked against the level of bad traffic we were seeing,” he says. “But when the attacker hit us with larger attacks, the fast-fix solution couldn’t keep up.”

The larger attacks took down his website. Orders were dropped and new customers were unable to get through. A second DDoS protection provider also lacked the bandwidth and expertise to defend the site.

“The attacker targeted whatever he could,” says the website manager, “our DNS, applications, IPs, you name it.”

“When others couldn’t stop the attacks, we called Neustar. We blocked the next attack in minutes.”

The website manager contacted Neustar, who provisioned Neustar SiteProtect, its DDoS mitigation service. The ecommerce company blocked the next attack in minutes. “Within an hour the attack had mostly abated. Good traffic was reaching the network and ecommerce was restored,” says the manager.