Client Stories

Business Challenge

Telecommunications providers strive to not only keep current subscribers but also grow new subscribers at a lower cost per acquisition (CPA). A Tier 1 telecommunications company engaged Neustar to help them gain visibility across the entire customer journey and understand how many campaigns the customers were exposed to and which campaigns influenced their conversion.


Leveraging the Neustar Media Intelligence Platform™ (MIP) to look across the entire attribution funnel, the client was able to answer questions such as:

  • Which inventory providers have more influence in driving brand awareness vs. sales?
  • How do I understand optimal frequency to drive a conversion?


By identifying which inventory providers were most successful in driving sales vs. lower-valued conversions, the client was able to separate inventory providers into lower-funnel and upper-funnel campaign targets, resulting in a 62% decrease in multi-touch attribution (MTA) CPA and efficiency gains of $1.5 million.

Bottom Line

  • Identified 28% of impressions served above optimal frequency (10x)
  • Instituted frequency caps to increase efficiency
  • 62% decrease in MTA CPA
  • $1.5M media spend savings