Client Stories

Business Challenge

Retail companies sit on vast amounts of data on their customers, but struggle to quickly get to the information that matters. A major retail company engaged Neustar to help them understand which campaigns were driving the most conversions and which audiences had a higher propensity to convert so that they could reach them with the right message at the right time.


The Neustar Media Intelligence Platform™ (MIP) delivers audience and media data in a single view, enabling retailers to better understand and target high-performing audiences to drive reach and sales. This retail client answered the question:

  • Where should I spend my online marketing dollars to increase sales?


Leveraging the Neustar MIP, the client quickly identified areas of inefficiency in their current media spend. By targeting the best-performing attributes, the client was able to increase sales by 116%.

Bottom Line

  • Reallocated spend from the bottom 35% of impressions into high-performing attributes
  • 116% increase in sales
  • $345K increase in revenue