Client Stories

Business Challenge

In the Financial industry, efficiently targeting top-converting audiences is key to growing customer reach and conversions. A Tier 1 financial company engaged Neustar to help them leverage their offline CRM data to identify and better target top-performing audiences in order to grow their customer base.


The Neustar Media Intelligence Platform™ (MIP) bridges the offline and online worlds, enabling clients to leverage their offline customer data to increase online reach and conversions. With Neustar MIP insights, the client was able to answer questions such as:

  • How can I leverage my first-party data to grow reach?
  • How can I increase my online conversions?


By leveraging the Neustar MIP, the client was able to identify top-performing attributes and allocate media dollars to create custom audience segments and target more effectively.

Bottom Line

Onboarded first-party CRM data:

  • Identified top-performing attributes
  • Created custom target audience segments leveraging first- and third-party data

Reallocated $644K to higher-converting audiences, resulting in:

  • 40% increase in conversions